Any factual answer as to why the FTC can't seem to stop certain telemarketers?

I’ve been on the DONOTCALL.GOV registry for years now and while it does stop a lot of small local businesses from soliciting it seems to have not slowed down calls from “Card Holder Services” which are automated calls.
I’ve been getting these calls for years and if you google “card holder services” you’ll get tons of hits for people complaining about them for years most of who say they are already on the DONOTCALL list.
Every call I get from them I immediately file a complaint on the DONOTCALL website. But it seems like the FTC has never been able to slow these guys down.
Any factual reason as to why?

  1. They do get continuously fined but they just consider it a cost of doing business?
  2. They are constantly on the move making them untraceable?
  3. They keep getting shut down but immediately reopen under a different name?

By coincidence, I just got another call from those bastards. I believe they are operating out of the US, so they don’t care about the donotcall list.

I hope eventually they come to care about the “don’t call me again you assholes or your genitals will gnawed off by rabid wolverines” list, but is only a fond hope for the future.

Seriously, I look forward to any information about these low-lifes.


Curious to see any answers to this, as somehow I’m on their list now too and also always report them. Hrmmph.

My Google-Fu has come up empty also in even finding any articles or news stories about them. You’d think some small TV/Radio/Newspaer/Magazine would run an investigative report on it.

We’re talking about automated calls, right? Why would a machine care if you made a rude comment to it?

I will reprogram you with a very large axe. :smiley:

They wouldn’t. You may not ever have been subject of their attentions - count your blessings. What happens is an annoyingly chirpy voice identifying itself as “Rachel” or (this morning) “Heather” calls you up and tells a couple of lies about [list=A][li]You might be able to save money on your credit card, and “Please consider this your final call - please press 7 to speak to an operator”[/list]And when you press 7 and tell the alleged human on the other end to put you on their Do Not Call list, they ignore it and call you over and over and over. And they call your cell phone, and they call you again and again no matter what. [/li]
I hate these people. I have even screamed into their ear. They don’t care.


I have always assumed that they take advantage of the loopholes in the law. When you agree to most interactions with a business, especially credit, you “establish a relationship” that allows that company and companies who have a business relationship with that company to call right through the do not call list. I suspect you can see what happens-even those businesses that don’t plan to call you sell their relationship to telemarketers as legal cover. Since I doubt you could find out where the telemarketer got their “permission”, the main company is off the hook. You can’t blame them since you don’t know who they are.

You are 100% spot on here.

Which is why people want a OPT-IN system (like in most of Europe) but got an “Opt-out” system due to business lobbying.

Shouldn’t telling them they no longer have your permission be sufficient to stop that sort of thing, though?

I personally think it’s going to have to go to the telephone companies to stop this sort of thing. Every phone call I’ve received from a telemarkter has it’s number listed somewhere on the net as a telemarketer. Consolidate that list, and don’t let calls from those numbers ring through. Keep a SPAM folder on your voicemail just in case.

And why would the phone companies ever agree to do this? They make lots of money from these telemarketing calls – lots more than they make from your puny account.

The telephone companies bounce back and forth, and make money each time:

  • they sell lists of phone numbers to telemarketers.
  • then they sell people caller-id services so you can avoid those calls.
  • so they sell telemarketers software that lets them ‘spoof’ the caller-id number to get to you.
  • then they sell people challenge-response services, where they have to enter their phone number to get through, allowing you to block automated telemarketers.
    No doubt they are now working on software to sell to telemarketers, to automatically answer those challenge-response systems.

This technological war seems to continually evolve, but with the phone company making money on each battle.

I get these calls on my office phone at least once, and sometimes several, times a week. It’s always from a different phone number and area code. “Congratulations! This is <Bill> from WCA. You or a family member…” That is where I slam down the phone.

The government does very little to penalize companies that violate the do not call registry. Instead, the law makes it possible for you to sue the violators in court. Examples are abundant here:

The relationship cannot be sold. They may make the argument they can, but I can also claim I own the Brooklyn Bridge. Both hold equal weight.

Our “Do Not Call” system here seems to be the same as yours - virtually completely ineffective. I really hate that shit. I don’t have a “relationship” with any businesses - if you have something I want, I’LL call YOU. I NEVER need to be bothered while I’m eating my dinner for some product or service someone is selling.

And the political candidates not letting you opt out of their calls, too - gah. I can hardly even think about this set-up, it makes me so stabby.