Do Not Call list

Anyone else have an issue with this? I’ve been on it for years now. It doesn’t seem to make an iota difference.

Has anyone followed through with a complaint or does anyone know if there is anything to be done?

Telemarketers are getting sneakier. Many of them are overseas. Someone in India isn’t going to care if you are on an American registry and the FTC only has jurisdiction within US borders.

I’ve been on the DNC list for years, and it helps.

Except for the ‘Rachael’/‘Heather’ calls from Cardmember Services. They ignore the list, and the Federal Communications Commission seems unwilling or unable to prosecute despite complaints. While the Federal Trade Commission did take some action, I’ve received calls since the settlement. In addition, I’ve received one call from a ‘process server’, and I suspect the other calls that I don’t pick up are from the same.

In any case, there doesn’t seem to be much anyone can do when scamsters ignore the DNC list and spoof the numbers they’re calling from. When I become emperor, these scamsters will suddenly start having fatal accidents. Those overseas will become the unfortunate victims of military training accidents. VOTE JOHNNY L.A. FOR EMPEROR!

I’ve had incoming calls from my own number as well as from 000-000-0000.

Someone once in a less tech time used to advise the caller that they were going to be charged $100.00 for the privilege of advertising over their phone line if they called again. I think they won the case.

Can Canadians vote in your election?

Of course. Canada will be part of his empire, and any Canadians who agree to vote for him will be enfranchised. What’s not to like about that?

I submit complaints to the FTC all the time. Seems to help, though it may just be coincidence.

Sure it does. You know for certain every telemarketer that defies the DNC list is a scammer. You can just let it ring when you don’t recognize the caller ID.

I just bought a new phone. If a stranger rings me the phone asks them to ‘announce’ themselves and say their name. When I pick up, I get a recorded message that says “xxx is calling, do you wish to accept the call?” I then have three options. 1. Accept this time. 2.Accept always. and 3.reject always. Of course I can edit my decisions afterwards.

I have had the phone over a month now and not had one singe unwanted call.

Funny thing is I do. I just don’t want to get ringed when I’m asleep. Most of my calls are junk.

Problem is that my phone will not make it easy for me to ignore them. The ring tone does not stay off when I turn it off. These new phones basically suck. When I had a real phone it was great. I just unplugged it from the wall and left the one in the living room with the answering machine. Maybe I’ll start to do it again.

Many people mistakenly believed the DNC list prevented telemarketers from calling. There is nothing that can do that.

They seem to use the DNC list as a phone directory anymore. There is an app that will identify calls as sales, spam, etc. that you can download. My wife uses it and just ignores those calls flagged as sales of spam. I don’t bother answering calls unless the caller has ID allowed and only then IF I know them.

Some of you must be very young, have poor memories or had completely different experiences than I did. Yes, the DNC list made a huge difference when it was enacted and still does. It isn’t perfect and I still get unwanted solicitation calls a couple of times a week but that is absolutely nothing like it was before it was available. I am not kidding in the least when I say that I used to get OVER ONE AN HOUR before it was implemented. If I had to call in sick from work in the late 90’s, I would have to shut all the phones in the house off if I wanted to get any rest.

Caller ID would rack up a steady stream of them from early morning until late evening and sometimes into the middle of the night. I once had to leave the ringer on because I was expecting a call and got 6 within 3 hours. It was insane. The people that did it didn’t care because they were scamming pieces of crap anyway. They just used war-dialers to blast out their version of SPAM to every number they could get their hands on.

Thew DNC list and associated laws couldn’t fix everything but it did cause an immediately noticeable drop in their occurrences. The dialers have to be at least somewhat selective now because they can’t just blast massive numbers of people with an unending string of calls without risking serious consequences.

There is a similar law for fax machines that also made a huge difference. Both personal and office fax machines used to get inundated with SPAM faxes and that was just as bad because they used your own machine to try to scam you at your own expense. That is illegal too now and it also dropped the rate of that type of thing down dramatically as well.

E-mail SPAM is a nuisance but it is just another tactic in a game that has existed well before most people had computers. I would much rather deal with it than the sound of the phone constantly ringing off the wall or my fax machine beeping because some scammer used all the paper to tell me about a great time-share deal in the Florida swamps.

There have been efforts to establish a whistle-blower fund, to offer large rewards to a telemarketing violator to reveal the identity of their employer. But as far as I know, the amount of reward money anyone has ever raised was not enough to entice anyone.

Sometimes I tell callers that there is a ten-thousand dollar reward waiting for them if they turn in their boss, but they just tell me to fuckoff and hang up.

How may one obtain one of these fabulous devices, pray tell?

So does anybody know what to do with those numbers who are the telemarketers? Are they all bogus? If you have one can you tell the DNC listers? Can they be traced and warned by this?

Part of it is there are a lot of exemptions. I get a ton of calls from political groups and charities. It also allows you to receive calls from business you have a relationship with, which tends to be loosely defined.

What we need is an “opt in” instead of an “opt out” policy. Good luck getting the politicians all bought and paid for, to agree to that.