Any fans of John Saul?

He’s no Stephen King, and his books all seem to follow a similiar formula, but that being said, he’s still one of my favorites.

I loved Hellfire, Second Child, When the Wind Blows, and the Blackstone Chronicles.

I read Second Child and started another one (can’t remember the title), but I didn’t care for Saul. The dialogue was really bad and in the case of Second Child, I felt the ending was a copout. Plus it made me sick how everyone accepts Melissa years later when she looks hot (why was it necessary for her to grow into a hottie?) and she just accepts it. I think Saul is lighter than Dean Koontz, and that’s some pretty fluffy stuff.

I’ve read a couple of his books, haven’t in a while though. I can 't remember the names, but I did enjoy them, even though they both creeped me out, and I’ve read just about all of Stephen King without a problem.

He is a very strange man, but I do like him :slight_smile:

I was more of a fan of his when I was in high school, but there’s one thing you’ve got to say for the man - he’s not afraid of unhappy endings. That’s my only major gripe with Stephen King, he tries to make things as cheery as possible by the ending nearly all of the time. (storm of the century excepted). Saul’s endings can really be unhappy. Like in The Unwanted or Nathiel for example.

Oh, Nathaniel! That was a good one!

I don’t remember The Unwanted-which one was that?

The Unloved was another creepy one.

Yeah, the miserable endings are worth it.

I read one of his books–I think it was called Creature–about using an experimental drug on high school kids and it made them violent and eventually caused physical changes and stuff. When the movie Disturbing Behaviour came out, I thought it was somewhat similar.