Any gift food ideas - upscale Hickory Farms-ish?

I want to send a friend a gift basket for Christmas. I don’t want a ton of fru fru stuff in there. I’m thinking a good version of Hickory Farms. Real food (meat cheese, nuts) that doesn’t suck. Any ideas?


I’ve used in the past. Very good stuff, but, of course, not cheap.

Harry and David?

They have chocolate and fruit, but there are also meats and cheeses.

You can go to Whole Foods and stroll the aisles picking out things you think your friend would like, and they’ll supply the basket and wrap it up. I just did this for my sister-in-law who lives overseas and misses some American standards (even though she isn’t American.)

I like

Zingerman’s Deli has really nice high end meats, cheeses, breads, candy, etc.

Definitely NOT cheap.

Southern Supreme Fruitcake Company - small family owned business in my hometown. Their fruitcake is divine…not like any other fruitcake you’ve ever had. They make other yummy delights as well and have gift baskets available. Everything I’ve ever had from there is scrumptious. They will ship too.

A Southern Season also has very nice gift baskets. I’ve heard lots of good things, but I haven’t actually tasted any of their food.

Either choice will set you back a pretty penny, but will be appreciated a lot more than a Hickory Farms or similar type gift.

If you want to give meat, try Omaha Steaks or something like that.

I sent you a PM with a suggestion. The suggestion is one of my clients, and I didn’t want to pimp their site out here in public.

Maytag Blue cheese is unbelievably good:

I’ve often ordered from the Wisconsin Cheeseman, and am usually satisfied:

Lands’ End offers some candy now:

As does L.L. Bean:

And Crate and Barrel:

Williams and Sonoma always works…

ETA: Fixed link.

Oooh! I vote for EH’s suggestion over mine any day

They only sell fruit-based things, so they might not be quite what you’re looking for: Edible Arrangements

I’ve ordered their chocolate-covered fruit on a few different occasions, and the recipients were always delighted with the gift. The fruit is of very high quality and is beautifully presented.

I’ve gotten lots of meats from Father’s Country Hams before, and also sent out gift packages from them. It’s reaaaallly good, but beware: this is REAL country style meat. Meaning, some people might find it too salty. The ham is almost a cross between ham and cheese, if that makes any sense - it’s really flavorful, so much so that you wouldn’t, for example, make a big ham sandwich out of it. It’s better in small quantities.

It’s definitely an authentic gift, though, and if you (or your giftee) are the type of person who’d like such a thing, you won’t be disappointed.

To the OP:

I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you that your name sounds like a Hickory Farms product.

“Get a spifflog for the holidays!”

To clarify: their cheeses, meats and candies are always good; their baked goods are often dry, relatively tasteless and/or broken up in shipment, IME.

I have. It’s very good, but more expensive than I myself would be willing to pay.

Now, it that was a splifflog, you’d have a customer!

I’ve sent their good and had rave reviews from people.

What if we ASK you to?