Alternatives to Omaha Steak? Decent value "food" mail order

I’d like to send a gift to someone several states over, and I’m looking for mail order deliveries, preferably including meat options, besides the rather ubiquitous Omaha Steaks.

Giftee is keto (low carb, high fat), basically meats, cheeses, veggies sooooo suggestions for other similar fancy food deliveries are also welcome. The thing is, I’m not looking to spend a LOT of money, ideally around thirty bucks, so I’m trying to find mini parcels, if such a thing exists.

I would recommend you check out Thrive Market, but I’m afraid they’re over your price requirements. They’ve recently gotten into meats and seafood. They do offer a lot of products that will meat (har!) with approval from your friend. You might find something else there that would suit, though, that is a bit easier on the wallet.

I imagine that it would take most of the thirty bucks you want to spend to pack meat in dry ice and ship it cross-country, not leaving much for the meat itself. So perhaps something that can be shipped at room temperature would be better?

There is no reason to ship across the country. Find a restaurant or food store which is local to the giftee which does deliveries or similarly one of the online services like Grubhub or Doordash or Postmates or Uber Eats.

Or just find something at Amazon.

Is there a Whole Foods in the area? They may well deliver a great steak, or you can place it on order and have your friend pick it up. Although at WF $30 won’t go that far on meat; might be better with three/four pieces of delicious imported cheese.

I’ve given Grubhub gift certificates as gifts. IIRC the recipient is emailed a code. Of course this depends on where they live and what restaurants are available in their area.

Shit, that’s a good idea.

Swiss colony is great for gifts that’s on the sweeter side… best thing is they have a installment plan …note tho its getting warm so mothers day is the cut off for anything meltable…