Any golfers from the Tucson area?

As some of you may recall, I take an annual Baseball Trip with a good friend. This year, though, looks like there’s going to be no baseball, or at least no baseball with spectators.

Pandemic-wise, the next six weeks will help us decide whether we’re just going to scrap the whole trip this year, or try to salvage something in its place.

One of the options on the table is to meet in Tucson, Arizona, as it’s exactly halfway between our homes, and play a few rounds of golf.

Thing is, neither of us is a serious golfer by any measure. And I know from experience that playing a course that’s significantly above one’s skill level can suck all the fun out of what should be an enjoyable thing to do.

So I’m looking for area courses that are nice, picturesque, and appropriate for players whose skill level is… intermediate, at best.

Any suggestions?

Nobody? Ah well, it was worth a shot.
Here’s my free bump in case anyone wants to chime in on the second pass…

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Let’s give it a shot in the game room (moving from IMHO).

I am not from Tucson, and I’ve only driven through it a few times. However, the Ritz-Carlton’s “The Golf Club at Dove Mountain” is supposed to get quite a few accolades as a decent, pretty ‘course you can play.’: Vs. something like Cypress Point and the like. Tee-times purport to be available here, and I suppose you could call the Ritz and ask. In a NW suburb of Tucson, ‘Marana’.

Vast majority of ‘pretty’ and ‘great’ courses in AZ appear to be around Scottsdale.

This list might be helpful too. Good luck!

Playing golf in Tucson in June is reeeaally not recommended. It’s hot here. I mean really hot. Like over 105 is not unusual at all. And even early in the morning or late at night won’t help.

But if you insist, try the Fred Enke course. It’s beautiful!!