Any good actions/comedies in Greek language?

I learned English and Russian almost entirely by watching series and movies and I’d like to try the same with Greek, but I don’t even know any Greek series.

I like comedy shows like Full house, Family matters, South park or some crime related stuff like Castle, CSI, Criminal minds,etc., so I’m looking to find things like that.

I don’t however like romantic series, dramas and series that are kind of boring, only shows that have a lot of action/comedy in them.

I suppose trying to read Aristophanes in the original isn’t very much use for learning modern Greek, but you didn’t say if it was modern or ancient that you were interested in learning.

Well, there was that movie, My Big Fat Wedding.

Mikro Eglima (Small Crime) is a wonderful Greek comedy about a small-town cop trying to solve a baffling murder mystery. It’s from 2008, but might have gotten remade recently.