Any good free MMORPGs?

A while back i got hooked on the free trail of ragnarok, and for some reason the game no longer runs on my computer. So my first try at online gaming was pretty enjoyable, I’m wondering now if there are any good online role playing games that are similar and free (at least for a while).

Shattered Steel by bioware. Initially free. Something like 10 bucks a month. Actually, its always free, but you do only 75% of your potential in Damage, Armor, etc… Reminiscent of Star Craft.

Either that or try getting in on some Beta’s. EQ2 beta is closed, but I believe WOW Beta is still letting some people in. Maybe not, now that I think of it.

While it’s not a role-playing game exactly (although there is plenty of that going on), I recommend Second Life. There’s a free trial for 7 days and then the fee ranges from a basic one-time payment of $9.95 to as high a monthly fee as you are willing to pay based on how much land you buy in-world.

Well, there are always MUDs… (ahh, the memories).

Let there be no doubt. You want Progress Quest.

Byond is a nice place for a wide variety of online games. Graphically, they’re all pretty simple, but some of them are very fun to play. One MMORPG I played for awhile on that site is Seika. It’s worth checking out some games on that site.