Any good place to eat on Fremont St, L.V.?

Not the Hash House, just too damn much food, and I know the Golden Nugget buffet is OK, but I’d prefer just a meal, not a hog trough that will put me to sleep. Any thoughts?

Go to The Beef Jerky Store and stock up on jerky, fruits, nuts, and candy. It’s one of my favorite stores in the valley.

The steak house and Chart House at golden nugget are both good. Hotel D also has a good steak place.

The Heart Attack Grill is fun.

More info, please? Good sit-down dinner, bar food, romantic evening…what are you looking for?

In any case, Fremont East is where you want to walk.

Thanks, Silenus, PERFECT!

Just by where the Zip Line starts there are two nice casual places right next door to each other, I visited both last time I was there

Worth poking your head in and seeing what you think.

Just off of Fremont, really only one block, you will find Pizza Rock. Trust me when I say it’s the best pizza you will ever eat; Tony Gemignani knows what he’s doing. He uses the freshest and best ingredients, and it shows. Or eats. They also have really good pasta dishes. You can’t go wrong with this place.

Love you guys, we go to a music thing there every year and more often than not end up fighting about the crappy food since we can’t find anything. Thanks!!