Any good rock music forums?

I know about the Mojo Board, I’m looking for some others similar to that.

My interests are classic rock, rockabilly, '60s garage Nuggets, country-rock,, old-timey, just about anything except rap and metal.

Anybody know of any good rock music message boards?


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None that I hang out at regularly. I find that they are too, well, unmoderated…

Is Mojo’s noise level manageable? Not much in-code l33t-speek or juvenile thread-shitting? Countless “who’s the best X?” that devolve into list threads don’t interest me much…

I recommend Music Corner at the Steve Hoffman Forums.

Hoffman is a well regarded mastering engineer, but relatively few discussions there are about his work. There is a fair amount of wonky technical discussion, along the lines of “Which version of The Allman Brothers’ Eat A Peach has the least amount of noise reduction?” But also lots of eclectic musical stuff that really meets the OP’s criteria. The literacy is pretty strong, and it’s well moderated.

(Because of the upcoming remasters, there’s a huge number of Beatles threads right now . . .)

I had Hoffman’s site bookmarked on a laptop that crashed and couldn’t recall the name. Thanks!

Mojo’s main problem IMHO is its relatively small traffic. There are a handful of know-it-all assholes, but every site has those.

There are refreshingly few “Top 10 Greatest Metal Guitarists” by “XBoxDude147”.

There are threads listing “Top Obscure Albums” but in some detail, giving you an idea of whether you’d like to hear it or not.

Mojo is a UK magazne, so the site predictably Anglocentric. This proves useful in some ways, especially in areas like English Folk music (about which I’m woefully ignorant). Still, it would be nice to have some forums that are US-oriented.

You can have a check on
May be you will find it helpful

Considering he last posted on these boards in 2009, I doubt it. is not so much a message board as a review/rating/listing resource, but you can really get a ton of info from this site.

You don’t have to be a vintage stereo fan to enjoy the music forum at Lots of great threads to check out.

5/13/17 - I’m 79 and in 1961 I was 23 and still learning about life after a 4-year stint in the Air Force. 4 years of discovering music and a solid rock ‘n’ roller. I was curious about everything and I listened to rock ‘n’ roll instrumentals from a drummer’s point of view; I dissected music. Because of that I became aware of a mysterious synchronicity concerning 2 popular 1961 Top 40 instrumental hits which I’ll name below. I wasn’t in any position to pursue the mystery I discovered and since I didn’t read or hear anything about it, it was put on the back burner, emerging every time I listened to them.

In the 1990s when I had on-off subscriptions to Goldmine I wrote letters to the editor and wrote one or two articles. In one of my letters I mentioned my discovery and asked the editor to assign a writer to get the story on discovery but nothing was done.

Last year I finally made an effort to find out how 2 instrumentals had identical notes. I found out that the drummer in one of the songs lived in Florida and I acquired thru the Internet a source that could contact the drummer for me so that I could do a phone/email interview. The drummer didn’t want to cooperate so I sort of gave up, until now.

Here’s the story and the best part is that you can hear it for yourself. Play The Ramrods version of “Riders In The Sky”. Pay attention to the closing notes beginning at 2:28 to 2:38.

Now play “Apache” by Jorgen Ingmann. After the intro arrow sounds with Indian drumming, at 0:08 Jorgen’s opening guitar notes begin and you’ll hear the “Riders…” ending notes! The notes play a little longer and at 2:44 Jorgen begins his end notes which are the opening notes.

To make it a solid verification, record the “Riders…” ending notes, pause the recorder, start playing “Apache” and at 0:08 start recording again. OR, record Jorgen’s ending notes, pause, play “Riders…” and at 2:28 start recording.

Fun, eh?

“Riders…” was recorded in 1960 and debuted on January 9, 1961.

“Apache” was recorded in 1960 and debuted on January 23, 1961.

The mystery, of course, is how 2 totally different instrumentals have identical notes, one to end and the other at the beginning.

The drummer I tried to contact without success was Claire Lane, The Ramrods’ drummer.

Before my life ends I would love to know how the above came to

Can anyone here shed some light on this mystery?

If it is a UK based classic rock forum you are looking for, you should check out this one out at it is a fairly new forum but is friendly and welcoming.

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It’s been nine years. He’s either found one, or no longer interested or he would have been back.