any good sites to organise work for the general public

anyone know any blog sites where i can organize over 50 files of work into folders and sub folders for the general public to view
I have alot of work detailing psychology and other materials that i want to post onlline. I was looking for a blog like site where you post it into folders and sub folders so it is neat and accessible to the general public kinda like how in wikipedia each article is divided into different headings and sub headings etc.
each piece is about 10-20 pages long so id like a place where at the side of the page there is an area where all my work is organised in folders and sub folders where a person can sift through each piece and thus choose which one to look over.
you see slack has channels on the sidebar on the left side when you enter a team. id like a place that has that same level of organisation or similar but i want to be a public place. i used slack because i could edit the material but its a private area where only invited people can work so i want a public blog or site where i can share material with the rest of the world but in an organised fashion with folders and sub folders.

github might work, but there is a bit of a learning curve on your end.

If you like Wikipedia, you can use the same software Wikipedia uses, free of charge: It’s called MediaWiki. It might be a bit difficult to get going if this is your first website, but at least you’ll know it can handle heavy load and lots and lots of documents.

As you might imagine, Wikipedia is not the only wiki. It’s not even the first wiki. It’s certainly not the simplest wiki to administer and use. And of course it has a page on other wikis and wiki software packages.