Any good veterinary pill wraps that AREN'T bacon-flavored?

My cat has been on regular chemo for about a year, and when she started the vet gave me liver-flavored pill wrap paste. She loved the way it tasted, and I was able to get her to take her medicine without having to force it down her throat. But the stuff eventually got stale and lost its flavor and she wasn’t so interested anymore, so I threw it out and went to the vet for a new tin. But they didn’t have liver flavor anymore, so they gave me the same thing but bacon-flavored.

Well. Kitty is at best indifferent to bacon flavor, and I’m trying to find something she likes. Except the vet only has bacon flavor now. And I ordered what seemed to be the liver stuff three times only it came with the bacon flavor label on the lid each time. And I called up the Vetoquinol company and asked them where to get the old kind, and they said they had no idea what I was talking about, they never sold it in any flavor but bacon. :confused: And I looked up pill wrap paste on Google, but there’s only one other company’s product coming up, and- you guessed it- it’s also bacon flavored. And ‘bacon’ doesn’t look like a word anymore after typing it so many times.

Anyway, I’m not sure what to do. She doesn’t like Pill Pockets- that’s why my vet gave me the wrap in the first place. Is there some other place to look? I’m at my wit’s end (well, after two nights of bad sleep it’s more like my witless’s end). Please help.

The black lab was able to lick the peanut butter off and spit out the pill, but she couldn’t separate the pill from the cream cheese, so that worked.

Dog, not cat, yeah. I don’t know how cats are with cheese.

Piece of hot dog with the pill inside?

a) Are you passed the Pill Pusher stage?

b) Any chance the pill can be crushed up and mixed in with whatever’s tasty?

My experience is dogs which I think have been 10x easier than a cat, but anything that works, works. It depends how big and how bad this pill is, and it depends how suspicious they are.

A little ball of mashed canned fish?

Be very careful with this, for several reasons. Don’t decide to do it without special permission from the vet. For certain it often matters medically, and I think also often the inside of a pill tastes terrible and that’s why it was a pill to begin with.

Yes, I have had success grinding up pills and wrapping the pill dust inside fresh turkey (deli meat for humans). Give a couple of small pieces of turkey without the pill first. My cat will go into a feeding frenzy rapidly gulping the turkey. At that point, I mix in the turkey with the pill dust inside. Good luck.

Complete agreement.

The one that came up on Amazon when I typed in the description is one that is described in the questions as liver-flavored.
If this isn’t what you want, can you describe the consistency of the stuff so we can come up with a homemade substitute? Liver sausage mixed with some flour to thicken it up, that kind of thing?

The soft squishy fine spreadable type of liver sausage might work as is, coating the pill with it.

Is there a compounding pharmacy in your area? Google may reveal one in your area, and if not, your veterinarian may be able to refer you to one, if you can’t find liver-flavored pill pockets.

Nobody makes a tuna flavored pill wrap for cats?

It’s chemotherapy, so, no; I have to wear gloves while I’m handling it just in case a bit of it leaks out.

So did the site I tried ordering from. It came bacon, they apologized and sent me a new one, it was still bacon, the new new one was also bacon, I stopped trying at that point.

That’s a good idea! I already get her chicken-flavored prednisone from a compounding pharm, I didn’t even think that they might have have pill wrap.

Can you alter the flavor? Like adding some fish oil or actual tuna to it?

There’s a chicken liver flavored dog treat called Bil-Jac, that I use for training, and which I have never had a dog not love. Never tried to give it to a cat, but it is the consistency of Play-doh, and once when I had to give a dog some pills, I could wrap a Bil-Jac treat around the pill, and the dog never noticed she was getting a pill. It has a really strong odor, so it might appeal to a cat. The Amazon link is for a large bag, but if you go to a pet store, you’ll be able to find a smaller bag much cheaper, and you can gamble on it, and see if your cat will like it.

I doubt there’s anything in it a cat couldn’t eat, but you can make a phone call to the vet first. They’re small, but you could probably use half of one for your cat’s pill, so if it works, a bag would last a while.

You could always go to the butcher section of the grocery store, and just buy some chicken liver, and fry it, then cut it into pieces you could wrap around the pills, or small chunks you could stick the pills into. Gross, I know, but a last resort.

My mother used to get chicken liver and fry it in her non-kosher pan for our cat when she was getting up in years, and not eating much. The cat loved the chicken liver.

Cooking some chicken liver is not particularly gross. Your idea is good. I wouldn’t consider it a last resort at all - in fact, I have no cat, but I may get a few chicken livers for myself today - and I don’t even have any difficult pills to take. :slight_smile:

^ I just threw up a little in my mouth. :wink:

I had lots of trouble giving my dog tramadol. She hated it and would spit it no matter what I wrapped it in. Then I tried covering it in Gorgonzola and she gobbled it up. It’s a stinky, sticky cheese. I think it worked because the smell is overpowering and it’s so sticky that the pill won’t separate from the cheese. You can get small tubs of crumbles at the store.

If you decide to try this (or any other thing), give it to your cat plain at first. Make sure she likes whatever it is before you try it with a pill. Then give it to regularly with her food, as a treat, etc. She’ll get used to eating it all the time and won’t know when there’s a pill in it. If you only give her that food when there’s a pill in it, she can make a negative association to it and may reject it.

And how is her appetite in general? If she’s feeling queasy from the chemo, she may not want any kind of food no matter how delicious it may be.

Having never needed to feed pills to a pet, I’ve never heard of ‘liver-flavored pill wrap paste’ but it sure sounds like plain old paté. Around here, paté is offered fresh at the grocery store deli counter or shelf stable in little foil cups.

Here’s one kind only they’re locally about 99 cents each: