Any Guesses What Ails My Leg?

For about four or five years now I’ve had something weird happening with my leg (primarily left leg but sometimes my right). When I’m lying down, and only when I’m lying down, I start to get what feels like an electric charge building up behind my kneecap. The charge continues to build until I either can’t take it anymore and voluntarily spasm my leg (minimal effort produces a disproportionately large and violent single spasm) or I let it build until it spasms on its own (large and violent spasm.)

This will sometime happen 10 to 20 (or so) times before stopping and sometimes only once or twice.

It is not painful but it is kind of irritating until I spasm - Mrs. Zeke finds the spasm annoying as I’m sure you can see.)

Dr. says it “probably neurological” and “might be related to drinking.” That is the sum total of information he has given me the couple of times I’ve asked.

I don’t think it is restless leg because what I’ve read of the symptoms don’t seem to match (painless, not constant motion etc.) but I could easily be wrong.

Anyone have any ideas, or is anyone else a beneficiary of a like boon?


I don’t have any idea, but I’d want a doctor who showed at least a modicum of curiosity.

My girlfriend recently went on some kind of anti deppressant and what you describe is one of her side effects.

myoclonic tic? sort of related to restless leg syndrome perhaps. just happening while awake instead of during twilight sleep time.

I had similar symptoms when my B12 level was dangerously low, although it wasn’t always the same limb, and it never got quite up to 20 times. I oddly found that Tylenol seemed to help while I was waiting for my levels to go back up to normal.

So he thinks you might have “jake-leg”, huh? :eek: Just how old is your doctor?

I’d want a couple tests done to make sure it’s nothing serious.

Yeah, I’ve sort of got the same feeling myself. Not, just because of this. But mostly I like him.

Not really been consistently on anti-depressants.

Read a bunch about this one - yay Wikipedia! - but it doesn’t seem to fit at all. This is not severe enough - based on the description - to qualify. It only happens when I’m laying down, it is about 95% localized to my left leg. My right only does it if I’m lying on my left side; and then only rarely.

Hypnic jerk doesn’t seem it either because it is not tied down to sleep at all. I can be fully conscious and it will happen.

This might be one to look further into. I’ve never eaten properly really. I’m a bit on the, “if it’s there I’ll eat, if it isn’t then meh” sort of person. Mostly I eat once or twice a day and rarely before noonish. I don’t eat much junk, it’s just that I don’t eat often.

I’m pretty sure he is secure in the knowledge that any ethanol I consume is properly distilled.

He’s maybe 50 or so. Why, are ya lookin’ :wink:


Sounds like akathisia. I experienced this only once when I (accidentally) overdosed on Diphenhydramine (benadryl) for insomnia. The experience was not pleasant. While the upper body was calm, the lower portion, particularly the legs, were trying to jump out of the skin.

If you are on any high-dose anti-psychotics, you may experience this either as a side-effect or a withdrawal symptom. Talk to your doctor about any and all medications you are taking, prescription or OTC.

Generally benzodiazepenes can help with this condition; I have a small supply of Alprazolam 0.25 mg, and took one dose with my shrink’s permission. Gave quick relief and welcome sleep.