A strange bodily symptom

I’ll be seeing my new primary physician next week . . . but meanwhile I’m curious whether anyone else has had this strange symptom.

I’ve been experiencing a vibrating sensation in my right side. It started a couple of months ago, and has been occurring more often and more intensely. Imagine an area from my navel, around the right side, all the way to my spine, from the top of my hip to the bottom of my rib cage. The vibrations move around within this area, and they never extend even an inch into my left side.

It happens when I move in certain ways. It always happens, and is the strongest, as soon as I lie down, regardless of position. It sometimes happens when I sit down, stand up, climb stairs or even when I’m driving. It happens sporadically in these cases, but ALWAYS when I lie down.

It’s a vibrating feeling that’s similar to a mild electric shock. There is no pain involved. It can last as little as 15 seconds, or as long as a minute and a half. And there’s often a sense of motion with it, like there’s something moving around inside me, vibrating.

(And no, I do not own any vibrating “implements” that are missing.;))

It seems to be neurological, but beyond that I don’t have a clue.

Any ideas?

Okay, I’ve felt leg vibrations, and heard others say they have too. It seems to be a symptom of aging. Usually when I feel things in the abdomen, they’re related to digestion. And occasionally those abdominal feelings have resembled the symptoms you describe, to some extent. Aside from the somewhat similar symptoms, I couldn’t tell you anything.

I have whole body vibration sensations [as in it feels like my entire body is doing a parkinsons shake but it is not seen on the outside] and actually went to a neurologist who sent me to the Parkinsons researcher at Yale New Haven. He explained that while yes I have parkinsons rampant in my dad’s side of the family, it was not parkinsons [at that time but you can never tell it may develop at some point] but that the vibration feeling was not entirely uncommon, it was in lots of people that would never possibly develop parkinsons, and it was just something to be watched - and it was similar to restless leg syndrome. I have found popping a gabapentin works to shut down the sensation. He said to only really get worried if the shake got to be visible from the outside. <shrug> Mine has turned into something I just deal with by ignoring it unless it is keeping me from sleeping, then I pop a gabapentin.

I think I mentioned it on the dope last year when I was worried about it and in the process of working my way through doctors.

My sister was having something similar, to the point where she feared she was having a stroke and went to the ER. It ended up being a potassium deficiency caused by one of her BP medications and went away after she started taking a supplement.

What makes it so strange is that it doesn’t last long. It happens when I move, then goes away, even if I continue to move. It’s not like, say, a pinched nerve that continues to be pinched as long as I remain in that position.

Sounds like it might be localized to one or two dermatomes. Shingles can do that, but I don’t think it presents with the insidious onset you describe.

Are you on any meds, could it be a side-effect?

Perhaps a parasite? :eek:

I had similar symptoms and it turned out to be advanced lymphoma. Not trying to be alarmist at ALL, but definitely ask your new doctor to check it out. It’s probably something a lot more innocuous… The poster above mentioned Potassium deficiency. Similarly, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause Lhermitte’s Sign. Have the doc check it out, though!

You may be onto something with the dermatomes. Plus, I have had shingles in the past, in the comparable area on the left side. And now that you mention it, I’ve been assuming the symptom is inside my body, but it could possibly be on the skin. It’s very hard to tell.

But again, the strangest thing is that it lasts only about 30-90 seconds, then goes away entirely until the next episode. This rules out most explanations.

I get this as a migraine symptom. Usually followed by tingling, numbness, pain, vomiting etc though.

I think it’s related to the Rapture, and after today, you shouldn’t have any more trouble with it.

It may well be an “internal fasiculation”. Does your eyelid ever flutter? Well, this may be the same thing only involving a deep, bulky muscle (of which there are plenty in and around the area you describe) that’s hidden from vision (and even from superficial palpation). An example of the type of muscle I mean is the psoas or quadratus lumborum.

In any case, just like it is in the eyelid, the type of fluttering (or fasiculation) I’m talking about is totally harmless and benign.

Actually, if I’m awakened suddenly, sometimes it feels like my whole body is vibrating. I also had shingles about seven years ago.

look up postherpetic neuralgia, but it could be anything,
low magnesium or calcium

Hey, panache-- is that a phone vibrating in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

I can joke about it, because I get the same thing… but a more localized area: my right front pocket. And I often stop and check to see if I got a text.

Even though I carry my phone in my left pocket, in an attempt to train myself that it’s not the phone, it’s just me getting older.

This makes some sense, except that it’s on the opposite side from my shingles attack . . . but I suppose it may not need to be on the same side. And there’s also the problem with my short bursts of attack, rather than continuous.

Digs, I get the exact same thing and also think it’s my phone.

Yeah, inconvenient that it’s the same feeling as a phone on vibrate.

BTW, I asked my doctor and he did this indulgent smile and said "Y’know, I’m not going to worry about that…"
“Well, of course YOU’re not! It’s MY vibrating.”
Then he gave another (also indulgent) smile, and told me it was “very common”.
“So’s death!”

Although I would describe it more like an " slight electric shock" feeling than a vibration, and although, contrarily to you, it only happens when I’m standing or walking, I think I have the same thing. After a couple exams of the spine and blood vessels at the level of the neck (sorry, I don’t know how to explain it better in english) and an appointment with a neurologist, there’s no explanations, but none of the doctors I’ve seen was the slighest bit worried by this symptom.

Feelings of small electrical shock type things are said to happen when you go off antidepressents such as Paxil. I’ve never noticed it, but I guess it happens.