Any "Hong Kong" films you would reccommend?

I have only seen one so far, I think it is called

. Wondering if anyone knos any other films worth watching

Hard Boiled is a great movie.

What type of movies were you looking for? If you were looking for a drama, I enjoyed Infernal Affairs. I read recently that Scorcese may do a remake of this movie.

For more of a slower pace movie, I loved In The Mood For Love.

For comedies and romantic comedies, which I think consists of %70 of the Hong Kong cinema, try Love On A Diet. Big warning, though, Hong Kong comedies, especially romantic comedies, tend to pretty sappy. You may find yourself rolling your eyes more than once.

For an action flick, you can’t go wrong with a Jet Li movie, a martial artist turned actor. One of my favorites, The Legend Of Shaolin.

Happy viewing.

Are you looking for a certain genre or just anything worthwhile from HK? Because there are plenty of great films from there to choose from.

Action/gunplay/cops/urban crime drama:
Hard Boiled
The Killer
A Better Tomorrow
Black Mask
City on Fire
Time & Tide

the Police Story series
High Risk (aka Meltdown in the US)

Heroic period films usually with swordplay and/or martial arts:
the Once Upon a Time in China series
the Fong Sai-Yuk films (aka The Legend I & II in the US)
the Drunken Master films
Master of the Flying Guillotine
Iron Monkey
Project A

Contemporary martial arts films, some with comedic tone, some not:
Twin Dragons
Dragons Forever
My Father Is a Hero
Rumble in the Bronx
Who Am I?
The Accidental Spy
Winners & Sinners
The Heroic Trio

Fantasy action films:
Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain
Storm Riders
The Bride With White Hair
A Chinese Ghost Story

For less action oriented dramatic storytelling fare I’d recommend some of the films of Wong Kar Wai like * Chungking Express* or Happy Together.

I’m a journeyman fan, at best, in the realm of HK films. There are probably plenty of others who can recommend films I haven’t seen yet. I do good if I know which of the two HK stars named Tony Leung I am watching.

Full Time Killer - Any Lau, this one is about a cop chasing after a hitman, its more of a psychological thriller but there’s some great moments in it.

The Killer - Chow Yun Fat, can’t go wrong with straight-ahead action and a handgun in each palm.

Ichi The Killer - ?, this one is the most brutal HK film I’ve seen yet. Nevermind Audition, as Ichi The Killer is sure to test your gag reflex. Its about a mentally deranged man thats being manipulated to kill people.

So there you go, 3 killer films to check out :wink:

Memoirs of a Chinese Courtesan is an early (1972, I think) ahead-of-its-time film featuring women doing much of the fighting. It’s very much a precursor to Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger, IMO.

I see someone mentioned Jackie Chan’s Police Story series; the first one was my introduction to Mr. C, and has perhaps the wildest, most action-packed first 15 minutes of any film I’ve ever seen.

A John Woo HK-produced film that is hard to find in the States, but which I highly recommend, is A Bullet in the Head. A “friends go to Viet Nam” plot that bears some loose similarities to The Deer Hunter, I consider it his best film.

Wing Chun is my all-time favorite. It’s a historical piece/romantic comedy/martial arts showcase. It’s got Michelle Yeoh as the title character; she’s the strongest fighter in her village, and she must disguise herself as a man to fight off the bandits who are attacking the town. Hilarity ensues. It’s just one cool scene after another; the highlights are the scene where Wing Chun schools every man in the village by fighting them off with no hands while defending a block of tofu, and of course the climactic battle against Cotton Belly. “No one can defeat my Cotton Belly!” Plus tender moments, like when the leads confess their love for each other by hemorraghing and coughing up blood. Genius!

I’d echo almost all of widdershins’s recommendations, and also his question.

It depends on what you’re looking for.

I’ll toss in a few other Chinese films:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - if you’ve not seen it, it is very good despite the backlash of its popularity.
Hero (2003) - Recent big budget Chinese film. It offends some based on the premise, but it remains a stunning film.
The Emperor and the Assasin - The opposite take on the main theme in Hero
Prodigal Son - Sammo Hung and Yuen Bao in wonderful form. This is for the Hong Kong fanboy - frenetic Hong Kong filmaking and wonderful athleticism combined.

My reccomendations have all been said, so I’ll just second Hard Boiled, The Killer (These two go well back to back), and The Heroic Trio.

One comedy I found enjoyable was Viva Erotica. Even though it’s about the shooting of a porno movie, it’s not that racy.

In the Mood for Love is one of my favourite films. It might not really for you if you don’t like movies in which pretty much nothing happens. The cinematography is gorgeous and the acting is superb.

For Kung Fu action, I’ll second Wing Chun for comedy. On the dramatic end, Tai Chi Master, with Jet Li seriously kicks ass. Fists of Legend, also with Jet Li ranks highly.

For a slightly different take on Chinese martial arts flick, see Ashes of Time. It’s by Wong Kar Wai, who directed In the Mood fot Love and Chunking Express. Some of it isn’t so good, but it is a beautiful and different movie.

I’m a decent sucker for a decent Jackie Chan flick, and would recommend the Supercop series.