Any idea how to get rid of ladybugs?

Now that it’s finally warming up here, my patio door is becoming home for dozens and dozens of ladybugs once again.

Every year I vacuum up the little bitches on a weekly basis, and frankly after numerous years of this, I just want to kill them. Kill them all.

Any ideas how to do this? How in the fuck they got here, I haven’t a clue, but I want them permanently eradicated.

wait what? Why in the world would you want to get rid of Momma Natures Own Pest Control? Do you have no plants, such as trees in or around your yard that aphids find tasty?
You probably have to kill so many of the pretty little predators because something about the structure of your home is ideal for them to hibernate over the winter.
Or check and see what plants are in or around your yard that aphids eat

I’m on a two plus acre lot in the country. I’m sure there are plenty of aphids and other pests, but they’re outside. These little pests are inside I need to permanently kill the fuckers.

The village where I used to live in Ohio had infestations of lady beetles at times. Huge swarms of them on walls and ceilings. The only way I know of to get rid of them is with pest control like Orkin. I never chose that route, just endured it for the week or two that it lasted.

I’m guessing they’re not lady bugs he’s having a problem with but rather the dreaded asian lady beetle. They’re a nusiance unlike lady bugs.

There’s a magic incantation that will make them go away. But it’s temporary, they’ll return on some other day.

We’ve got the same problem here. They’re not ladybugs here but those damn Asian beetles. I’ve accidentally stumbled upon a cure for mine the past couple years. Doesn’t get rid of them entirely - but keeps most of them out of the house and out in the yard at least. Maybe it’ll help you.

I started making a homemade flea spray for my cats a few years back when Baby wasn’t doing well and couldn’t handle the commercial ones:

1 Cup vinegar (white or cider, doesn’t matter)
1 quart fresh water
Few drops of lavender oil
Mix all together and put in a spray bottle.
(you’ll get more than you can fit in a spray bottle but I just take the extra and dump it around the edges of my house)

Spray your door and window frames, the screens, sills etc. I was doing that just as extra flea protection and found that the beetles don’t like it at all and keep well away from my windows/doors now. If you’ve already got them inside, vacuum them up. I put the spray on once a week in “bug months”. Good luck.

Unlike other lady bugs. They’re lady bugs ( well, lady beetles ) as well - just more pesty, highly invasive versions. Ironically one aspect of their invasiveness is that they may be even better at getting rid of other pests like aphids because they just don’t stop eating. So they’re beneficial outdoors, annoying as hell indoors.

You can buy liquids to ATTRACT ladybugs to your property. I’m wondering if this could be used to entice your indoor critters to spend their brief lifetimes out of doors?

I have found that blasting them with regular ol’ Raid kills them dead.

We vacuumed them. :cool:

Once I didn’t have to step through piles of crunchy bugs, I checked the seal around the door they were swarming. There was a crimp in the weather seal. Fixed that, and no more bugs.

Have you tried: Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home!

I saw “patio” and completely missed “door” so mentally I was outside, not inside the house in the OP.:smack: