Any idea what unit this military patch represents?

Estate sale today. I scored a bag of military unit patches for a few bucks. I can’t identify this one. Any ideas?

The 303th Yahoo Studies Unit? Your link is asking me to login to Yahoo, which is just,slightly less offensive than demanding I join OKCupid.


Is there a web hosting site that doesn’t require a login? I really hate Flickr.

Let me change the link to a better one (but still Flickr).

34th Bomb Squadron. (WW II emblem)

No need to send me a tip. I’ll take some of Stranger’s unwanted okcupid girls as thanks.

Wow, thanks! I was holding it upside down and wondering WTF? Turned the other way, it’s clearly a stylized eagle or thunderbird. Can’t help you with the girls, though.


Great estate sale, for sure. I picked up an old Stanley Bailey Sweetheart #6 bench plane for $35. Perfectly flat sole plate, and all original parts intact. Also a very nice collection of arrowheads/spearheads, likely from the Columbia River tribes. I may go back and look some more at the military insignia, uniforms, hats, etc. He had quite a bit of WWII paraphernalia.

Imgur doesn’t require a login to see the image.


I’ll give it a shot. Flickr has become unwieldy and unfriendly to use.

With the size and all, would you think its more modern-made for veterans and the like more than WW II issue? All of my Dad’s AVG/14th Air Force patches seem a fair bit smaller.

Use the Public folder in Dropbox. It’s good for anything.

Could be. I’m not even remotely a collector or expert, just someone trying to resell them.