Any ideas on how to survive homelessness?

Hi all.
I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a place to live, so it looks like I’ll soon end up homeless. I haven’t been homeless before, so does anyone have any advice on how to survive while homeless?

Please note that I’m in Montreal, Canada (so won’t be able to access any American help centres or the like.)

Thank you.

Do you have any money resources? Can you try van living or a small camper?

I’m aware Monteal has a pretty bad homeless problem and shelters are tough. Beyond that I’ve got no good advice.

Do you have any family you can crash with for a bit? Or at least store most of your belongings?

You could start here.

I don’t drive.

Are there any boarding houses left? Attic room lets?

I don’t know. Sharing a living space with other people is not an option, unfortunately.

Reach out to a women’s shelter, they may have back channel access to some assistance. They have been given special funding during the pandemic, very likely.

It’s always going to be less work to keep someone from falling into homelessness, then to lift them out of homelessness I should think.

Thanks, although I think that some of the women’s shelters around here are for abuse victims, and I’m not one. Well, the landlord is very abusive but it’s not in a threatening way and not the reason I’m not renewing my lease here.

Even if you are not a victim of partner violence, if they can’t help you directly, they can refer you to a place that will.

This is a serious reply: networking. There are agencies and groups of all sorts in any large city whose purpose is to help the desperate and unhoused. Churches, mosques, NGOs. all with somewhat different rules, agendas, clientele. You need to start figuring out how to get your name on their lists. All their lists. If you have any friends, relatives, or acquaintances who might be able to help in any way or even if you don’t think they could, call them up and tell them your situation. You never know what stray piece of information will be a lead. It is not going to be easy but if you have some kind of job or can get one, and are not using drugs, you will eventually claw your way out of this.

I don’t have a steady, official job. Sorry

Then you need to find something. There isn’t any realistic way to get out of homelessness without a job, that I know of, unless you can get the Canadian equivalent of SSI (government assistance for the permanently disabled).

I have something like that.

I’m unable to have a steady job. And yes, I am aware that society discriminates against me for that. I’m self-employed, and work when my health and energy levels allow it.

Well, I’m back to my first idea: working on as many angles as you can. Do you have any government agencies which could help?

How much can you afford per month? I see a studio apt for only $575 per month using
It is out near Lacnine?

A few others below $600.

5 steps to submit an application for subsidized housing

Am curious why this is the case.

Yeah, we’ve had a number of people on this board with non-negotiable items, like the guy living in a broken van who can’t fix it, and can’t work during the day “for personal reasons”.

It’s a shame. More flexibility means more chance of these people getting a roof over their heads.

OP, try walking into a church and talking to a minister. Our pastor has this happen all the time, and sets up a couple people a month with different shelters and programs.

By the way, so glad you aren’t be dealing with this during a Canadian winter. Hope you’ve got a place before it gets Arctic again…

I have several conditions that makes it difficult for other people to live with me. And I have a hard time living with others.

I know it’s a shame that I’m autistic and have physical and mental health problems that prevent me form working full-time. It’s a shame that I have certain conditions n order for me to live.
It’s too bad people judge me for that, but they’re assholes.

Waiting lists for subsidized housing are many years long, and subsidized housing usually allows smoking, which is a dealbreaker for me. But thank you.