Any Inkscape experts?

I’m designing a huge (A0 format) poster in Inkscape. Everything’s finished now apart from one minor problem. Every box that I’ve drawn has rounded corners, and I cannot work out how to square them off. At A0, these rounded edges will be plainly visible: is there some way of squaring box corners off? I’ve tried every incantation in the Fill and Stroke dialogue that you can imagine, and nothing seems to work.

I’m not an expert, but, since no one else has responded to your question, and I do use the program, I’ll give it a shot.

According to this help file, you should be able to select the rectangle tool, click on a rectangle, and shift-click on the little circular handle and that will unround any corners.

You also should be able to click on the rectangle tool, then the rectangle, and set the Rx and Ry both to 0.000. I tried both methods, and it seemed to work for me.

That said, I also had a problem with the version on my computer (0.47.2), uninstalled it, and replaced it with the latest version (0.48.1). Sometimes the program just starts acting weird and you have to reinstall it.

Oops, I skipped probably the easiest way mentioned in that help file:

Just do that and change the Rx and Ry to zero.

The answer depends on whether you’ve got a rounded rectangle (i.e., the path itself has rounded corners), or whether the path has straight square corners and the strokes are joined in a rounded way. If it’s the former, then BigT’s method should work. If the latter, then the way strokes are joined is controlled in the Fill & Stroke panel; in the Stroke Style panel you can choose between “Miter Join” (which is what you want), “Round Join” (which might be what you have), and “Bevel Join”.