Any Islamic Hospitals in the USA

I noticed we have Baptist Hospitals, Methodist Hospitals, and I have even seen Jewish Hospital, and I know the Catholics and the Seventh Day Adventists own a lot of hospitals, just wondering if there are any hospital in the US run by the Islamic religion?

Just my WAG…

Most new hospitals seem to be for-profit ventures started by various business-type people. That is a big change from decades and centuries ago, when hospitals were a great example of the sort of social services which were run by religious groups. But in that era, Islam was a much smaller part of America than it is today, and I really doubt that their numbers were large enough to support such an enterprise.

Heck, I can’t even remember seeing a mosque in the USA prior to the past decade or so (though I’m sure that some existed in other neighborhoods). You need a lot more people than that to finance a hospital.