Any leatherworking sites?

I’m planning to reupholster the seats in my trucks soon, and I’ve got the usual questions to ask about which types of leather are best, how does weight make a difference, etc., etc… Beyond that, I’ve always wanted to know a little more about working leather. Can anyone suggest a decent leatherworking site or two? Googling hasn’t netted much.

Only one search engine? Enter “search engines” in Google and get a big handfull.

Seems to me that each search engine favors certain sites and/or give completely differents sites that another.

Thanks, but I’m still getting mixed results. Most of the groups I’ve found only meet in real life (and I did find the web page for a group that meets at the local Tandy store), but the few message boards I found have been dead for a year or more. I’ve found a few SCA and fetish sites, but I don’t want to crash someone’s party with a bunch of off-topic questions.

You could try but they tend to be more about the fashion side rather than the craft side. It’s worth a shot though. You have to register to post.

You are not really doing leatherwork per se, you are doing upholstery with leather.
Try upholstery, leather DIY… you should find a bunch of info.

Good point, tailake, I’m asking on an upholstery site, and I’ll probably drop by the Tandy franchise for the more leather specific questions.