please help me fix my leather pants :(

Ok, I got this great pair of leather jeans from an op-shop (thrift store to all you north americans) for a bargain price ($40 if anyone was curious :cool: ). They were a little the worse for wear, although not badly damaged, and I thought “I should put some of that stuff on them which will make them soft and supple and a little protected”.

I don’t know an awful lot about leather clothing- most of the leather I’ve owned has been shoes, or suede. :confused: In my cupboard, i had the stuff I use to care for my leather shoes- Dubbin, I believe it’s called. It says it’s fine for use on leather jackets, so I applied it to my trousers and rubbed it in.

Alas, my trousers are now (two weeks later) still sticky/tacky and they are also kind of greasy :smack:

Is there some way I can clean this stuff off?

What should i use to do that?

What should I have used instead of Dubbin, or am I doing this right? What, if anything, should I be doing differently with the Dubbin?

For example, would leather survive being hand washed in a gentle detergent?

Get yourself a can of saddle soap, usually available in the same places a shoe polish, and use it to clean the jeans. Be sure to follow the directions on the can carefully and you should have good results.

thanks :slight_smile:

Little late for this, but test the saddle soap on a small area first to make sure nothing awfuller happens.

Furniture shops that sell leather furniture also usually have cleaning products for leather which will double as a conditioner.

I have spome leather clothing and have never really used anything on it - just don’t get it wet and it will last a long time.


No armor-all! That will ruin leather in pretty short time.

Either use saddle soap, or Woolite & water by hand - ie: dampen a sponge with the Woolite and water mix.

For conditioning, Lexol is pretty widely available.

What does it smell of? I’m kind of curious as to how well leather collects and holds various smells.
(I’m hoping this is the lesser of two evils- either be a little off topic, or start a new thread fairly similar to one that’s on the same page? Decisions, decisions… :confused: )

After a night out, my leathers can smell quite a bit like cigarette smoke but I air them out outside of the window and the smell comes out in one day.

My leathers currently smell like dubbin, but previously were a little cigarette/sweat scented.

I’ll try some woolwash on a small area and see what happens.

So furniture leather products are ok for clothing?