Leather Sofa cleaning/care?

A few questions:

Is there a home-made solution for cleaning a leather sofa? Or a kick-butt professional cleaner (prefer a webstore).

My sofa is quite dirty (Northwest weather and 8 muddy paws) and the cushions are a now a lighter color and not as shiny as the back/arms.

I also need some tips on getting the shine back. I’ve used Mink oil which looked quite nice for a while, but I’d like to get the dirt out and get it back to a niced condidtion.

The sofa is brown and non-pored leather and about 4 years old. The cushions do not detach.

Thanks for looking/helping.

I use Johnson’s Paste Wax on my leather sofa. It’s burgandy and doesn’t get very dirty, so you may want to go to a shoe repair shop and get a good leather cleaner to start with. A light coat of JPW should make it look like new. I use a soft (old cotton t-shirt) damp rag and gently rub the wax in. I let it dry for about 10 minutes and then buff it off with a dry cotton towel. Be sure to buff it off really well so that there isn’t any residue to come off on your clothes.

Best I’ve found so far is saddle soap (for the cleaning part). It takes some effort, so I’ll be watching this thread for any better ideas.

ooohhh…saddle soap. Didn’t think of that one. We have many tack shops in my town, but the leather care products from furniture stores/shoe shops don’t seem to exist.

But, I don’t have horses, so how does one use saddle soap on a sofa…just follow directions ala saddle?