Any little-known, must see Las Vegas attractions?

I’m going to be in Las Vegas in a month or so and I’d like to know if there’s any attractions or “must-sees/dos” that are off the beaten track.

I’m gonna have a couple days on my own and I’d like to explore a little bit and don’t really want to get too entrenched in the whole gambling thing.

Does Las Vegas have any little-known attractions, or should I just stick to the gambling and shopping mainstays?

I’m not a big gambler and even people watching can pale pretty quickly, but one place I really enjoyed was The Ethel M chocolate factory. Actually it was one of the highlights of the city part of the trip. I thought, “hey, what the hell, worth zipping in for a look-see”–and ended up spending an entire enchanted morning.

Now before you scoff, I’m moderately fond of chocolate but don’t even much of a sweet tooth. I wouldn’t cross the street for a Godiva shop.

The folks who built this place created a truly fabulous garden, well, complex. Of course some of it features desert plants, but I’ve seen many botancial gardens that didn’t do it half as well. (And I’m not hardcore into gardening or gardens, either.) They’ve crafted a tiny Eden, probably at unholy expense and effort. (Okay, don’t expect a rain forest. But be prepared to be suprised–and to just really turn off your brain and savor where you are.)

It’s a totally unexpected flip-side to the glitz of the casino district: money and excellence put to a very different use. And all connected to a chocolate factory. Who’d a thunk it? You couldn’t make this stuff up, but it’s real.


Heh. Very dry. :smiley:

Well, there are some rollercoasters that are pretty cool. NYNY has a nice one. So does the Stratosphere(SP?). There is also the Nascar Cafe at the Sahara. At the Nascar Cafe you enter full sized mock ups of NASCAR cars and race against other people. It is a lot of fun.

There is also “Fly Away”. Fly Away is an indoor skydiving place. Fly Away has a big circular room with a hugh fan at the bottom. After you get dressed in skydiving clothes they take you into the room and turn on the fan. You get the feeling of skydiving but you never get more than 20 feet off of the floor. (Note, the floor and the room is padded so that it is just about impossible to hurt yourself) My brother and I went to Fly Away and had a blast. In fact my brother insists that we go to Fly Away every time he comes out here. (Note, if you want to do Fly Away stretch first. If you are tight in the shoulders or hips it is really hard to control your flight.)

Anyway, email me if you want more info.

Enjoy your trip.


Librace Museum. It’s in a strip mall, ask directions. It has his clothes and pianos plus some interesting info on his career. Say what you will, many people LOVED him.

I did that. It was pretty fun. I kicked those preteen kids’ ASSES!

I don’t know if you would consider it “little known” but the Cirque du Soleil performance Mystere at the, um, pirate ship casino (Treasure Island?) is at least as good as the much-hyped O at the Bellagio (IMHO, YMMV, etc.) and about $50 cheaper to boot!

Actually I’ve been dropping hints about as subtle as a spinal-injured bison regarding my fondness for Scotch…the liquid form, though a certain lilt of speech…oh mother 'o pearl, nevermind already.


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Sure, there’s plenty o’ stuff to see and do here that’s off the beaten path. Some of it depends on access to car…if you have that, I’ve got plenty of suggestions. If not, there’s always coffee with me. And other nifty things.

If you’re going to have a car there are old west ghost towns within an hour or two’s drive of Las Vegas. Here’s a site to get you started. There is a lot of others available on the web.

I had a nice trip to them all planned out when I was there in September but the day before my trip I came down with the flu and ended up hanging out at the hotel for 3 days. :mad: :frowning:

John Wayne Bobbit used to live there. If you want I can probably find out his address. :cool:

If you have a car, Red Rock is a great place to drive and then do some hiking/rock climbing…and about a mile or so further down the road is a ranch with a “ghost town” cowboy show (entry fee) and a small “zoo” with local animals (wolves, deer, buffalo, etc.) that is free (donations requested).
Mt. Charleston is about 45 minute drive, currently has lots of snow - it is really pretty up there, with a few nice lodge/restaurants with a great view of the mountains.
If you want to see the casinos where the “locals” go, the absolute best is Green Valley Ranch (about a 10 minute drive from the Strip on the I-215 going East). Very nicely done, great restaurants and, next to the Paris buffet, one of the best buffets in town. Also has the Whisky Sky bar that attracts a lot of celebrities who don’t want to be seen on the Strip.
Belz Mall is south on Las Vegas Blvd, about a mile or so south of Mandalay Bay - it is an outlet store with some great deals on almost everything - also a decent food court, so you can spend a lot of time there. Next to it is a restaurant called “Bootlegger” that is a secret LV tip - starting at 10:00 they have live entertainment and you wouldn’t believe who shows up! Lots of “old stars” who live here go there and sing a tune, some famous people visiting in town sometimes show up and perform…
On the strip, a fun “freebie” is the car museum at the Imperial Palace (they hand out tickets everywhere, and also are in the magazines in every hotel room). It has an amazing collection of classic cars and odd cars.
Another fun thing to do is the model home tours…you just drive around any neighborhood 4 miles or more from the Strip, see signs leading you to model homes (all over this city, in every direction) and then you just go in and check them out…usually 4-8 models to look at, all furnished by decorators. No need to buy…but fun to look at. Believe it or not, even with people who have new homes here, it is a popular “hobby” to check out what they are building and how prices are going. A lot of people from large urban areas are usually shocked by the quality and value (hence the 3000-4000 people who move to Las Vegas every month).
There are also some great parks, lots and lots of golf courses, you can go horseback riding, rent all terrain vehicles, take flights over Grand Canyon…I don’t think you have to worry about being bored. If you are anything like me, before I moved here I always had a list of things I wanted to do when I visited - and on the way home I realized I only did about 1/3 of what I wanted to do…time just seems to have flown by.
Have a great trip!