Any male/female/LGBTQ Dopers strong enough to pick up & carry a 200 lb male/female/LGBTQ 50 meters?

This not the other threads asking about male or female Dopers!

Could you do it with a Fireman type carry, a [```

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother type of carry]( or a [Wholesale Cash and carry?](

Yeah, I’ve seen those threads several times and yet I keep pausing on them because that’s what it sounds like.

Same sex marriage won’t be legal in Finland until Mar 1, 2017, so the newly married women may possibly create lots of new competitors in the noble sport of wife-carrying.

What do you mean by “male/female/LGBTQ”? Are we who are LGBTQ not male or female, or do you consider us some bizarre separate third sex?

And these days, with my back problems, I have enough trouble moving myself 50 meters, let alone someone else.

I’m confused. The other threads didn’t restrict us from answering.

I’m a gay male and yes I can carry a 200pound male or female regardless of their sexual orientation.

Are you sure? Have you actually tried all the different permutations of M/F LGBTQ or are you just assuming?

I’m just assuming. For safety reasons I’ve never tried to pick up a 200lb lesbian.

I can carry my own 155 kg. But I lift 30kg at most.

I know one, so we could ask her. For experimental purposes only.

I’ve picked up many men over the years, but never carried any.

The question confuse me because of the conflicting measurement systems.

People use both Straight Doper and Doper as collective nouns to refer to posters on this board. The OP is making a joke out of parsing “Any male Straight Dopers strong enough to pick up & carry a 200 lb man 50 meters?” as “Any male straight [Dopers]” instead of “Any male [Straight Dopers]” and so on.

eta: brackets denote collective noun