Any male Straight Dopers strong enough to pick up & carry a 200 lb man 50 meters?

This is not the other thread asking about female Dopers!

How many of you men on the board could do this?

I could have done it easily before my knees got ruined, but there was plenty of weight training when I was younger that got me to that point. I could do it now but I wouldn’t be walking for a week after that.

So could you pick up and carry anyone that weighed 200 lbs. for 50 meters using a fireman’s carry?

How many feet is that?

Four. He’s got 2, and so do I! :smiley:

How well do I like this guy?

On steady ground, I’m pretty sure I could do it. I don’t think I’d have much of a problem at all, in fact.

I definitely could have a few years ago with absolutely no issue. I probably still could, but I’d be wary of causing lasting damage to my knees and shoulder.

I wouldn’t get 50 inches.

Not a problem.
Matter of fact, I did that very thing not less than eight months ago in a stage play. Each night… carried a guy off the stage, up the aisle through the audience, and out of the opening of the theatre.

Is the load unconscious, conscious and resisting, or conscious and cooperating? I’m pretty sure I could do the carrying part, it’s the lifting part I’m worried about.

Yes, I’d have no problem with that. And I know plenty of women who would have no problem with it as well. Some are firefighters. :slight_smile:

Maybe but probably not: I’m not exactly fit.

Before my back went to hell? Probably. I did 130-140 with no problems on a couple of occasions. Now? Hell no. Don’t particularly want to go through the cortisone injection process again.

I’m pretty sure I could. Getting them over my shoulder would be tricky but if they were able to co-operate I think I could do the carrying part once I got them up.

Yes, I reckon I could do it. My knees and shoulders are all shot to hell already and I’d be sore the next day for sure.

I thought this was an invitation for participants to the Heterosexual Absurd Olympics, then I realised I wasn’t parsing the thread title properly.

I know. I used the same wording from the other thread to see if anyone else caught that.

200lbs? yes.

200lbs limp torso? Probably not.

CARRY 200lbs 50 meters? No prob. Though I’m sure I’d whine about it if it weren’t some emergency. Or some prize to be won.

Picking him up might be difficult if he is just an unconscious lump on the ground. So more whining there too.

When I was 15 I dead lifted 180 lbs of quickrete bags off the ground and stacked it.

I certainly have the strength to do it now but my back might object.

When I was hitting the gym 5 times a week in my late teens/early 20s I definitely could’ve done it. Now…not so much.


I think I could perform the task. I’m 6 foot 4, 210 lbs. Still pretty structurally sound too.

I was seeing a girl once who weighed about 160 lbs. She liked it when I carried her on my shoulder, I’m sure I could do that for 50 meters assuming my knees weren’t injured. An extra 40 pounds probably wouldn’t matter much.