Any Marathon fans?

I was raised in a Mac family, so while everyone else was playing Doom II and Quake, I had MARATHON. I started with Marathon I, then got Marathon II and eventually Marathon: Infinity. I think that these are the best FPSs of all time, ever. They had better graphics than Doom, better gameplay than anything for PC, a complicated system of computer terminals where you were able to take in the story (and boy, what a story it was.) The aliens were cool, and all the weapons kicked ass. The levels’ bright blues, whites and greens were much more pleasing to the eye than the drab browns and tans of Quake and Doom. The games came with simple level editors to make your own maps, and a physics model editor to make your own weapons and “mods.” Plus the multiplayer kicked ass (I have fond memories of being 10 years old and trying to network 3 of our computers together.)

People have forgotten about these games, but every time someone plays HALO (made by Bungie, the makers of Marathon,) they are playing a character based on the Space Marine (or the ‘Marathon Man’ as I called him.)

Any other Marathon fans?

I am. Original Marathon, then later the triple-pack. (M1, M2, M-Infinity)

Good times, good times…even made a coupla mods (never uploaded. :frowning: ), and made a couple of notes to the “Marathon Story Page.”

Great game. It really has a special place in my heart. Luckily, it’s not quite dead yet.

And “Doom” bites.

Is the counter on the “Marathon Story Page” broken, or am I really visitor #7777777?

Yeah, lost many hours of productivity to Marathon. At the time, it kicked ass.

sadly, I’ve long since lost my Marathon discs, so I can’t do much with the Aleph One engine.

I loved it, it was one of the first computer games I ever played. However I got stuck on one level and couldn’t get off and it was driving me crazy. Then my Mac died (it was several years old) and I had to resort to a cheaper PC. I always wanted to be able to shoot the Bobs because they were always getting in my way or running in front of aliens when I had a clear shot, but nooooo you can’t shoot the civilians.

I also had another earlier Bungie game called Pathways into Darkness, but I also got stuck on a level and never finished that before the Mac died.

What do you mean, you can’t shoot the BOBS? Of course you can. Kill 'em all! In the last two games they have guns, and in Infinity some of them even have fusion pistols so those aren’t to be fucked with. However the Marathon I BOBs were unarmed. You were free to kill as many as you wanted. My favorite method was to burn them up with the flamethrower.

By the way, if more people here haven’t played Marathon than the three people who answered, I’m liable to commit hara-kiri in shame. I think it’s time for a major Marathon revival. A new and updated version of the original game would be a good start. The Halo engine I’m sure would lend itself perfectly.

“They’re everywhere!”

Fabulous games. I played through the first one on a friend’s Mac IIFX, but couldn’t complete the final level because it kept bogging down. When my friend finally upgraded, I was finally able to complete it, then went on to Marathon II and Marathon Infinity. I loved the music as much as the game play. Never really had a chance to do any significant multiplayer, though.

I was happy to see all the Marathon allusions in Halo. I miss BOB, though.

“Thank God it’s you!”

I’m just posting to show PaulFitzroy there are other Marathon fans out there.

They are still my sentimental favorite FPS games, and I agree that an updated Marathon game would be awesome.

Big Marathon fan. I was still playing it even after “better” engines had arrived. Quake never impressed me, and the bit players (Duek Nuke’em, et al) were mediocre at best.

The best was the presentation of an actual plot. They managed to cram quite a bit in to those cimputer screens.


Killing Durandel so the Phthor wouldn’t get him.

Durandel going rampant.

Tempus Verae.

“Whose side are you on!!” The first time where you actually must kill BOBs.

It’s a gag, several years old. The number “7” shows up a lot in the Marathon story.

Speaking of Pathways into Darkness…Marathon and Pathways’ stories are somewhat linked, actually. (One of the aliens from Pathways in mentioned in Marathon, and the “boss” of Pathways is suspiciously familiar to an unseen foe in Marathon 2)

That’s taking me back, I used to play it on my PowerMac 7200/75. And we had it on my computers at school, since they never removed it when they bought them. Grade 9 Computers, instead of learning how to type we played Marathon.