Any member's out there?

Didn’t know where to put this thread so here it is. If there is another one somewhere I couldn’t find it. During the debates about the SDMB going to paid membership several posted that they were afraid it would stop new members from joining and turn this into a very closed system with no new ideas. I’m not asking if this is a valid argument. however, I have not noticed any one with the title “member”. I have seen several “guests” but no “members”. Is there any way to find out how many no people we get? Have any of you seen any new members?

I’ve seen one. Note P_T_ is listed as “Charter Member”.

As far as I know, new members (the $14.95 kind) are being shown as charter members, for now.

Well, now I need a refund!
Where’s the prestige of paying early and being a “Charter Member” if everyone gets to go around with it.
Hmph. :dubious:


as far as i know, all members (ordinary dopers) will be known as just ‘members’ eventually.

My member, Big Olaf, resents your implications. He says, “Charter?! I explored 'er!”

[apostrophe police]
That’s “members” with no apostrophe.