Any Missouri Lawyers In The House? (Not Seeking Legal Advice, Don't Need Answer Fast)

This is an academic question about Missouri law. I am not seeking legal advice, you are not my lawyer, I am not your client.

I’ve noticed that, excluding St. Louis and the burbs, head shops and sex-toy shops in Missouri are generally outside of cities and in unincorporated areas outside of town. At least, this has been my experience in Joplin, Springfield, Rolla and St. Clair.

Does Missouri law require that these businesses must operate outside of incorporated city limits w/r/t cities of certain sizes? Or does the law just allow it, and the four cities that I’ve listed above are all just prudish about these businesses in their Christian towns?

IANAL but IAAMissourian.

I don’t believe state laws have anything to do with it - I think it’s all local ordinances and zoning requirements. In the city of St. Louis,Chapter 26.72of the zoning code (which is backed up by city ordinance 59979) specifically deals with Adult businesses, including where you can and can’t locate them.

My legal training is the same as Kunilou’s, but I’m pretty sure you’ve nailed it here. I do remember a lingerie shop opened up in my city (pop around 60,000 at the time) many years ago. The city council went through a lot of time and effort to get rid of it, since a sex shop has no place in a family town. They eventually succeeded. It was replaced by a gun shop.

Of course it was. Which town, if you don’t mind me asking?