Any musical pocket watch makers out threre?

So I’ve read that it can’t be done with just musical switches, which makes sense since the switches I’ve seen are larger than a pocket watch. It seems to be a simple melody but i don’t know.

However my Dad has just about everything he needs/wants but he doesn’t have this.

Just the chime part (no guitar/drums/dramatic music) in a watch. Can a pocket watch be made where the winding mechanism be made to power a battery? Or would is be simpler to have a battery charge all movement?

Bonus points for a matches set where one has Blondie saying ‘Very careless of you old man’.

I found this: but it was also listed as a limited edition years ago which makes me think it might not be 100% legit.

I don’t want a 100% replica, but a decent watch with the chimes.