Any NYC Dopers going to the GV parade Wed?

Thought it might be fun to meet if we did. I don’t know yet if I am, just wondering.

What is the GV in GV Parade?

I obviously don’t know.

Greenwich Village. Huge costume parade with very varied characters. Not the costumes. The marchers. I was too lazy to type it out, or even just use Village.

I have never been to the parade although I have want to go every year for the last 5 years. Events always conspire against me and keep me away.

This year? I’ll be away on a business trip to a convention. A convention that I might add has always been on 2nd week of October every year for the last 10 years or so.

Ok. I understand now. I will probably check it out on TV, but the crowds for the event would drive me nutz.

I saw the parade on tv last night, briefly. Any one go? Was is awesome?

We didn’t end up going… I had a migraine that didn’t want to quit and was in bed by 7. I keep telling myself “Next year. Next year.” :frowning: