Any one use Netflix?

NetFlix is great. I signed up on Jan 8 and have rented and watched (checking website…) 24 DVDs since then.

For me, the best part is the availability of foreign films. My main interest these days is Asian movies. The local blockbuster/Hollywood may have one thin shelf, but Netflix has 100s!

Not to mention some of the more obscure titles (Spider Baby!).

Right now, I have 47 movies in my rental queue. Maybe 5 of these I could easily find locally (i.e., don’t have to call/drive all over the DC area). Delivered right to my door.

I have found movie Nirvana.

I also had a problem with constant late fees. And I could never remember which mnovies I wanted once I was in the store. Now as I think of movies I want to see, I just pop them into my queue. Plus the great selection. I love Netflix.

I love the rating system. They (kinda) seem to know what I like. When I find a great movie, they’ll recommend something similar and I will usually like it too. Who’s rated the most movies? I’ve rated 376. I’ll bet some have rated more.
The best selling point of Netflix is that they have just about every movie you can want, as long as it’s not too obscure. If I can’t find a movie I can usually find it from which mails just like netflix, but you pay a rental fee and they have late fees. Usually you can be a day (maybe two) late without a late fee, but they will charge you eventually. There are also other websites that rent movies. But I like dvdovernight. Netflix is my #1 choice. After all I have a subscription with them.

With my turnaround time of usually 2 days (we have a netflix distribution center right here in the city) 3 movies out at a time is plenty. I almost always have a movie to watch. I’ll mail a DVD on the way to work and have one waiting for me in the mailbox when I get home. Of course you have to have time to watch all those movies.

Anybody try Blockbuster’s service that is similar? It’s something like 5 more, but you can get the movies right away, which could result in you watching more movies. With netflix's 3 movie option I think the max you could watch would be 20 a month or so. That's like a a movie. With blockbuster you could easily double that and pay just $5 more. That’s $0.63 a movie Of course you have to leave the house, and you know how we hate doing that. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, they still don’t have some foreign movies. Well the ones that aren’t region 1. I want to rent Luc Besson’s Taxi, but I can’t find it anywhere in America. Obviously there are some legal reasons netflix won’t rent a region 2 disc to someone in region 1. I doubt they’ll change that. Oh well. I still love netflix.

NetFlix is great. I also used RentMyDVD for awhile, but they didn’t have quite the selection that NetFlix does. They were a little bit cheaper, but I just ended up watching alot of movies that I had already seen rather than newer selections that NetFlix has. Both work pretty much the same way, though.

Plus, when I’m bored, I go on the site and just rate movies for awhile. It’s fun!!

I’ve had good results with it. They’ll reserve a movie for you if it has a scheduled release date, but isn’t out yet.

I love it. I currently have 2 movies on their way here, 3 movies on their way back there (I upgraded to the $30 for 5 movies at a time account), and 67 movies in my queue. It’s great :slight_smile:

I’ve rated 826 movies.

What I don’t like is the packaging. I always seem to tear the return envelope. A bit frustrating, but worth it in the end.