Any optometrists out there? Quest about scratch coating

I bought an expensive pair of new glasses at a large US eyeglass chain that makes glasses “in about an hour”. I did NOT ask for or agree to any type of “coating”. Over the next few months, small dots and tiny scratches started appearing on the lenses. I took the glasses back to the store, and they said that the coating on the lenses was coming off. I said I had not ordered any coating and asked them to either remove the coating or replace the lenses but they refused. The manager told me that I had probably damaged the coating myself, and asked if I ever cleaned my windows with Windex (??). I said yes, and she immediately said that the ammonia in Windex destroys the coating and that “I had been cautioned not to wear the glasses while window cleaning”. I said that 1) I had never been told any such thing, and 2) if the coating’s that fragile, they should use something else. The manager refused to do anything.

The coating is getting more and more scratched, and they are not safe for night driving due to the glare from all the scratches. However, I recently got an eye infection and was told not to wear my contacts for awhile, leaving me stuck with wearing these glasses.

Since the store refuses to either replace the lenses or remove the coating, my only hope is to find a way to remove the coating myself. Are there any optometrists out that who can suggest a chemical (windex perhaps?) that I could try?

I’ve never heard of anyplace just throwing coating in for free. There has always been an extra fee to have my glasses coated, right around $10. If your receipt doesn’t have the coating charge on it, you probably don’t have the coating. In that case, it’s not a problem with the coating coming loose, but rather the fact that plastic lenses scratch like crazy if you don’t coat them. (I’m assuming you have plastic lenses, since hardly anyone ever gets glass because of the weight.)

I called Lenscrafters up at the mall just now and they said:

  1. No, we never give away coatings for free.
  2. The price of the coating will not be itemized on the receipt–it’s just one price for the glasses, on the bottom.
  3. There are two kinds of coatings. There’s a scratch-resistant coating which is standard, and included in the price, on all their plastic lenses. You can’t get plastic glasses from Lenscrafters without the scratch-resistant coating.

There is also the anti-reflective coating which costs extra, and if you had gotten this, they would have discussed it with you ahead of time. They don’t give you the anti-reflective coating unless you specifically order it.

  1. Windex will remove any type of coating.

Therefore, I am assuming that you got the standard scratch-resistant coating, since you don’t remember ordering any coating. And that it’s the scratch-resistant coating that’s scratching.

I don’t see what you can do about it, other than buying another pair of glasses.

With or without scratch coating plastic lenses need special care to avoid getting scratched. The scratches are your fault even though you may not remember doing anything to cause them. I would say the store is at fault for not warning you about not using Windex. If you haven’t aleady done so, I would talk to the store manager and ask if he will replace the lenses at his cost rather than the list price.

Consider getting glass lenses instead. But if you don’t feel you can deal with the weight of glass ask them to tell you about special care of plastic lenses.