Fixing scratched lenses

So, there I am with no way to wipe my glasses, and I get a thin coating of, well, something on them. Enough that it was preferable to deal with my headache-inducing good-right/bad-left eye combination unaided.

Then, on a friend’s porch I’m petting his dog and my glasses slip from my shirt pocket onto the ground.

I got a cloth, and now I’ve got nice, clean glasses with three fairly major scratches and a bunch of tiny little pits in them.

Well, most of us have probably seen the super-duper miracle liquid that will supposedly fix problems like this. But, do they work? I’d like to avoid spending the bucks for new lenses, but said miracle product seems to be fairly unbelievable.

Anyone had experiences with that stuff? Anyone have any other ideas? I’m currently walking around with white floaties in my vision…

-Joe, danger to himself and others

I have the same issue. Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve had some sucess with Scratch B Gone. It looks like a grease pencil but is supposed to contain a “Patented carbon-polymer formula”. You rub it into the scratches and buff with the included cloth. It’s one of those “as seen on tv” products but I was able to find on in a retail store in Corning, NY.

Do they work on plastic lenses too? Thanks.

There is a cream-like substance for cleaning ceramic/halogen hobs. This cream has a small amount of very fine sand in it. If you rub it vigorously onto a glass surface, it will grind some glass away so it will “fill” minor scratches.

  1. It probably doesn’t work with plastic lens.

  2. Most lens have anti-reflective coatings. Rubbing with this cream will remove that coating.

We have a little shop here that repairs broken glasses. By that, I meanthey very carefully solder or epoxy broken frames back together and touch up the color. I asked the owner if there was anything that he knew of to fix those minor scratches in my lens and he said as far as he could tell, every one of those products left a blur or clous on the lens worse than the original scratch.