Lens DR. scratch removal stuff. Legit?

Wife is watching late night Animal Planet. A comercial comes on for “Lens Dr.” (with the RX sign attached) scratch removal liquid. Seems if someone took a sewing needle to your glasses, all you gotta do is smear some of this stuff on the lens, and it “fills in the scratches, leaving a uv resistant coating.”

So does anyone know if the stuff works, or do you get wavy lines and crap from wiping some acrylic goo on your glasses?

Seems like a bad idea to me.
I did a search of the archives and did not find any previous threads about this stuff.

I’ve wondered about that stuff, too. Here’s what I found regarding the product:

My husband, an optician, recommends the pencil-type scratch-filler-inner stuff to his cheap-o customers. It eliminates annoying glare from scratches and improves the appearance of your lenses. It’s not a one-shot thing, and needs to be reapplied regularly.

He sez that of course, caring properly for your glasses to avoid scratches in the first place is even better:

When you are not wearing them, place them in a case or with the earpieces folded, lenses-up in a secure place.

Never clean your lenses with a dry cloth. Always moisten them with water or with a cleaning solution meant for eyeglasses, then dry them with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t use Windex; the ammonia will strip off many expensive coatings.

Don’t mess around with sharp instruments near your glasses. Lots of scratches come from people digging at the gunk on their frames with pointy objects.

Have your glasses adjusted properly so they are less likely to get knocked off your face. (This is a big deal with kids, mostly.)

So, by that news link, the answer would be no then. Thought not.

Well, I did buy it at Wal-Mart, and took it home and used it. My experience was that it did remove the scratches, but the glasses didn’t look quite right afterwards when you looked through them. If you’re looking to make your glasses look better when others look at them, this would be something to try, but if you want higher quality vision, don’t bother.



That’s a link to a Canadian show (The Shopping Bags) - the test drove the as-seen-on-TV lens product and decided it was crap - you can read about it at the link.