Any other Dopers claim a world record?

Other than myself, I mean. I’ve had videos up on Youtube for a year now claiming world records for Hacky Sack Hang Time- one for indoors and another for outdoors. By hang time I mean the elapsed time between a kick and the instant at which a kicked hacky sack (aka footbag) touches the ground or is kicked again.

Indoors world record

Outdoors world record

These videos have been up for a year. Sufficient keywords have been listed so that anyone looking for footbag records or tricks should be able to find these vids. The outdoors video has gotten 58 views and the indoor video has had 130 views. Neither video has received any comments. It’s safe to say, therefore, that no one in the world except me and my friends cares.

This thread is not undertaken solely for me to toot my own horn. I am genuinely interested in any world records that other dopers may lay claim to.

I used to be part of a group that held the world record for fire-breathing (the title was “largest single gathering of simultaneous fire-breathers”, we were filmed setting the record at Stonehenge for the Guinness World Records 50th anniversary show. I have the certificate to prove it, but I think the record has been broken by a larger group since then. Still, it’s a good thing to throw into a conversation!

I once held the world record for filming an AMRAAM missile shot at high g-loads. The shooting jet had 7.5G on the meter when the missile came off the rail. My chase plane was on the outside of the turn, so we had slightly more on us. I understand that after I left the military, my former supervisor filmed one at 9G.

The Stonehenge firebreathing would be quite a sight. Looked for it on youtube but only found something similar at Burning Man.

Wow, 7.5Gs is a lot of Gs! Not sure I could tolerate that.

I went to see the movie Titanic on the day it surpassed Jurassic Park as the highest-grossing movie of all time. So I’ve always claimed that I bought the ticket that broke the record.

Do past records count? I was once the youngest person on earth

I don’t have much to add except that allowing hang time to be from kick to next ground touch (rather than requiring it to be kicked again in the air) seems odd. Were I just to want that record, I’d simply kick it as high as possible without worrying about keeping it playable. Doing this near a cliff would have a distinct advantage, of course, and made the the definition even sillier.

Yes, there should be separate categories for playable and non-playable kicks. It took me a minute to see what you meant regarding a cliff. Of course you meant playing at the top of a cliff and not at the bottom. I would consider that to be cheating.

Yeah, I plan to break the record by kicking from a 747 at 40,000 feet.

My wife and I are birdwatchers. When we travel, we record species of bird we see in each county. We have observed and identified at least three species of birds in 2,283 counties (72% of all the counties in the USA). We had arbitrarily set three as the threshold.

I am claiming that this is a record, as I have never heard of anybody else making a similar tabulation. It is quite common for birdwatchers to maintain a life list of birds they have seen in geographical regions, such as state lists.

We also once were listed in birding publications as the record holders for seeing the most species of birds in Florida in one calendar day in any month of March, but since broken.

World’s largest toga party in 1978. University of Wisconsin. Approximately 10,000 participants. The record still stands.

Sadly, I no longer have my toga.