Any other dopers waiting on a baby?

We’re four days overdue and no signs of arrival yet…

Mobile phone is charged and with me at all times, and the office has been warned I may disappear at any time, but wish I knew when we can expect some action!

I don’t wait on babies, they’re awful tippers.

I am. It’s been, let’s see…six and a half years now. Perhaps I should explain…

Max Torque - Is your child adopted from China or bio-kid?


Right now I’m only waiting for the baby to come home from the baby-sitter’s house, but believe me when I say I feel your pain. I went bowling the night before my water broke, so you can always give that a try - it was a lovely spontaneous last-minute date for my husband and I, and jst about 24 hours later we met our little guy. Congrats on the upcoming arrival!

We have a biokid, the same one discovered in the above-linked thread; she’ll be turning 6 this year. And, we are also in the queue waiting to adopt from China; the process that used to take 10-12 months has dragged on now for more than 6 years. We just sent in our fifth set of paperwork (first time sending the I-800A, we’ve sent four previous I-600As) to keep us current with USCIS. Basically, when you send in your I-800A (new version of the I-600A, the “Application to Adopt a Foreign Orphan”) and you get approved, you receive an I-171H, now an I-797, which is only good for 18 months. That used to be long enough; it seems so absurd now.

So, if you don’t get a match, which you won’t, you’ll have to reapply and get fingerprinted and such all over again. Five times. Did I mention that you only get one free renewal each time and it costs almost $900 for a new application? Yeah, we’ve done that three times.

So, we’ve been waiting on the adoption, officially, since our log-in date of October 27, 2006. On the plus side, the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption has matched through October 17, 2006, as of this month, so we’re expecting to get a match in about the next two months.

I’m not waiting on a baby,
I’m just waiting on a friend

Nope. My kids are 28, 26 and 24.

Congrats to you guys, though. Get your sleep now!