Any Other Headbangers?

Today, a good friend ( a great friend!) gave me a DVD. A compilation of Slade’s greatest hits.

Cum Feel the Noise,
Darling Be Home Soon (that meant so much to me in the 70’s for that red headed girl).
Goodbye To Jane…

All the rest.

So I’ve pulled out all my records. Oh what a night.

If only I could figure out where that Marc Bolan and TRex record came from (Let It On).

Ok, I’ll do it.
Yes, old headbanger here, from Maiden to Man o’ War. I like it loud and fast (go ahead and say it).
I miss the 80’s.

I dunno. You think I might have a leaning towards classic metal?


(thumbing through old vinyl)

Iron Maiden
Twisted Sister
Quiet Riot

ahh…those were the days. I am completely content, however, that leopard-print spandex is not required to look tough and edgy these days.

Used to be a headbanger in my day. My first concert was Iron Maiden on the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour, circa 1986. Saw Ozzy and Anthrax, Metallica twice, stuff like that. I also liked Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Black Sabbath (the Ozzy line up), and AC/DC. I still listen to that stuff but haven’t kept up with metal in recent years. My boyfriend says it’s going to make a comeback… so tone up those neck muscles for future headbanging.

The Essential Music Library: Metal. I’m not an old-school headbanger, although I’ve been known to throw a Manowar album on while driving to the gym.

I always wondered if your location was a Slayer reference. Is it?

I always assumed it was a reference to Fool on the Hill - since I was under the impression s/he lives in Binghamton.

We’re probably both wrong. :smiley:

I wish I was old enough to be a headbanger, because I love all of that music. In fact, I just turned a friend of mine, a real Japanophile, into all of my old weird Scorpions/Poison/Metallica/Slayer/Mercyful Fate-King Diamond stuff. Mooost of the King Diamond/Mercyful Fate is my boyfriend’s, but the rest of it is mine.

But then again, I also like a lot of punk and like, hair pop - think Kip Winger’s band. Or Bon Jovi.

I’d have never made it in the old metal scene. :frowning:


Don’t tell anyone, but I listened to Dead Kennedys, Maiden, Ozzy, Sabbath, Bon Jovi, Scorpion, GnR, Poison, and Prin…gack, Pri…choke, PRIN… Hewey Louis and the News.

Pretty sure there isn’t an age limit

Count me in.

In fact, you are both RIGHT. It is a Slayer reference AND I lived in Binghamton when I first joined the SDMB. I have since relocated back to Ithaca, but haven’t changed my location because, in a sense, I’m still and always will be South of Heaven (yeah, that’s deep, man…)

Oh yeah!

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, Accept …

I don’t listen to metal too much, but I’m perfecting Master of Puppets on my ukulele as we speak. I’m also trying out this Slayer riff my friend wants me to learn. Headbang that.

Jean jacket, hearing loss, yep, yep. I still listen to the stuff.

Another metalhead here. I’m not much for the “classic” metal. I find I prefer the more modern stuff, meaning what’s been done in the last 10 years or so. Bands like Opeth, Amorphis, Katatonia, Mercenary, Dream Theater, and Evergrey should give you a good idea of what I’m into. My collection is probably around 800 albums, mostly metal acts.

The new Amorphis and Katatonia albums that came out this year just rocked me. I’m looking forward to the new Mercenary that’s supposed to come out later this year.

I’d stayed out of this thread at first because I’m not big on the 70’s metal acts first mentioned. I do dearly love 80’s thrash metal and all sorts of newer death/black/metalcore stuff. I’m thinking of stuff like In Flames, The Haunted, Behemoth and the like. I don’t really go for Lord Ashtar’s style of doom metal for the most part, but Opeth has some genius moments.

The genesis of this was a DVD a friend gave to me of Slade. But I guess here will always be a blur (in my mind at least) between headbangers and metal/ underground like In A Gadda Da Vida