Woohoo! When I feel heavy metal...

Simple question: What’s your favourite headbanging tune?

  • dodge_this, listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit now

At the moment, I’m heavily into John Bush era Anthrax. Crush really gets my engine running and my head banging. :slight_smile:

Master of Puppets, Metallica.

In fact, I love that album as a whole.

Morrison’s Lament screams song titles incoherently over unbelievably loud and incoherent music

— G. Raven

OK, this probably doesn’t count, but Tracey Bonham’s Mother, Mother seems appropriate for the day. And I usually throw my voice out trying to sing along. So it’s not metal, but Chick Rock.

And if that doesn’t count, a kindly doper suggested that I download Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl, which rocks pretty hardcore.

Yea for chick rock!!!

Slayer’s entire South of Heaven album…Just thinking about it gets me all pumped up!

Appetite for Destruction. Welcome to the jungle…we got fun and games…

With heembo. Also Prong: Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck. Speaking of necks, I may be sticking mine out here, but I’m really looking forward to TOOL’s new release on May 15.

This is the greatest metal album of all time, IMHO. Slayer is playing around me with Pantera later this summer and I cannot wait.
Back on topic, I’ve been listening to Queensryche’s Operation:Mindcrime CD alot lately.

I’ll second Nirvana and Guns & Roses…plus early Metallica,Megadeth and Pantera.
And for the hair metal cravings Def Leppard and Poison.

Black Sabbeth: War Pigs
Megadeath: Symphony of Destruction

Pantera. Definitely Pantera.

“Come and be with me,
Live my twisted dream.
Pro devoted pledge,
Time for Primal Concrete Sledge…”

Great song. Great album. Great group.

'Nuff said.

Excellent headbang song! Along the same lines: “Slave New World” by Sepultura. And Tool, don’t get me started on Tool. The chorus to “Aenema” is to die for.

Some other suggestions: Iron Maidens entire oeuvre, really. But “Man On The Edge” and “Can I Play With Madness” do stick out somewhat.

Also, there are a lot of somewhat slower headbanging tunes I like. The one that gets to me every time is Savatage’s “Chance”.

Forced Entry

‘As Above, So Below’
'nuff said

The entire Spit album by Kittie.

46&2 by Tool
(2 more days until the new album will be mine!!!)

Most songs of the Sehnsucht and Mutter albums by Rammstein

Everyone loves this band. I just don’t get them. I mean their music is OK, but I just don’t understand all the hype. Appearently its just me, cause everyone else loves that band.

Headbanging? Don’t mind i fI do…

I usually listen to Rammstein, Early Korn, Deftones, Soulfly, or Godsmack.

Funny thing about Tool, I really like their work, but yet I’ve never actually picked up any of their CD’s. I keep meaning to, but when ever I get the chance, I forget and I usually get something else.

I may just pick up the new album though, when it comes out.

Megadeth – “Rust In Peace” album

The most wailing, blistering, pure guitar work I’ve ever heard.

Although I do have to program out “Dawn Patrol.”

Iron Maiden - Anything off the too good to be true ‘Best of the Beast’ (Dianno and Dickinson eras, anyway), but for the moment, ‘Where Eagles Dare’.

Kreator - Some Pain Will Last (If anyone’s seen their live in Berlin video, you’ll know what I mean).

Misfits - Children In Heat

And Coldfire, thanks for mentioning Savatage, so I’ll throw in the old favourites ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ and ‘Gutter Ballet’.


I find myself alternating between South of Heaven and Fear of the Dark, depending on mood.