Woohoo! When I feel heavy metal...

Rammstein’s Sehnsucht

No ones said Motorhead yet? what’s wrong with you people? Stay Clean is a fav.

Colie said:

here here! though I’m suprised that someone pulled Blaze era stuff. I just had to put this album on after reading this. though I prefer Lord of the Flies.


At the moment, I’m heavily into John Bush era Anthrax. Crush really gets my engine running and my head banging.

and another here here. Actaully anything by Bush especially the new Armored Saint album.

Do any of you listen to the stream from http://www.knac.com ? I listen to that all day long at work, it’s the radio station I’ve been waiting my whole life for. They turned me on to more Iron Maiden than I knew existed. I had The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, and Powerslave previously, but that was it. Thanks to listening to KNAC I’ve added Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Live After Death and Fear of the Dark to my collection.

Edward, rock on man! John Bush is my new hero, I got hooked on Armored Saint after hearing The Pillar, so I ran out and bought the new album. Then I started backtracking through the Anthrax albums he fronted, they’ve become my new favorite CDs. :slight_smile:

Wow, the Savatage “Hall of the Mountain King” reference really threw me!
Very good call.

[channeling 1985-freshman in HS]
Man 0’ War “Sign of the Hammer”
Queensryche “The Warning”
Judas Priest “Screaming for Vengence”
Armoured Saint “March of the Saint”
[/channeling 1985-freshman in HS]

If you dont get Tool, try listening to Undertow all the way through… Its heroin for the ears.

Personally, my favorite thrashing about songs are Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes and…


Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendancies.

Anyone who can get banned in LA deserves some serious adrenaline.

And of course, you can always headbang to RUSH songs! Yes, it’s possible, you bunch of cynics. Just put on “Cygnus X-1”, the song Max Cavalera (formerly of Sepultura, now Soul Fly) once named as an example of the Ultimate Metal song. It ROCKS. It’s not headbanging all the way, but the last two minutes of the song have to be the Most Rocking Minutes In Rock History Ever. Honestly.

Polica by Sepultura
Jumpdafuckup by Soulfly
All the early stuff by REO Speedealer. Like motorhead but southern especially You lose, I win.

Nashville Pussy! Especially Eat my dust.

Frying on Acid by Old Grandad

and my all time favorite head banging fist pumping music

Big Black. Songs about Fucking, Hammer Party, Racer X

yep yep

Basically any Rammstein song, but especially Sonne, Du Hast, Engel, Sehnsucht, Du Rich So Gut, Der Miester,and Mien Hertz **Brent.
Einsturzende Neubauten-Headcleaner and Haus de Luge
Laibach-Message from a Black Star, God is God
Samael-I and We Are
Skinny Puppy-Death
Ministry- Jesus Built My Hotrod, NWO, and Thieves.
Tool-Sober, 46+2, Ænema, and Stinkfist
Front Line Assembly-Millenium and Monument
Damage Manula-Damage Addict and Sunset Gun

Anything, ANYTHING Metallica. I am such a huge fan, you wouldn’t believe. Some of the harder tunes, Battery is great, MOP. I love Godsmack, I’m so glad somebody said Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth. Sabbath, Tool is pretty good but sometimes pretty mellow. I love music…

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck! Every time that I start singing along with the lyrics and making an ass of myself, the rest of the people in the room first look at me as though I’ve just gone insane, but by the end of the song usually almost everyone else in the room has joined in the fun. Even got my grandma to do it once…

Hey, I just got to this thread!!!

Bomber!, from No Sleep til Hammersmith
(wish I could link to a clip of Lemmy saying it)

listening to Sepultura’s highly-recommended remake of Motorhead’s Orgasmotron
My neck is sore.