Any other movies based on the Leopold-Loeb case besides "Murder By Numbers"?

In the 1920’s, two wealthy young intellectuals (Leopold and Loeb) decided to commit the perfect murder to prove their superiority. They weren’t as superior as they thought; they were caught, and Clarence Darrow defended them, getting them life sentences instead of death.

This, except for the trial stage, is the plot of “Murder By Numbers.” (The crime-scene technology is updated; these kids are really smart.) Have their been other movies based on, or inspired by, the Leopold-Loeb case?

By the way, I liked the movie. Imagine a world where getting sex is no problem!

Compulsion. Made in 1959, it stars Dean Stockwell and Bradford Dillman:

The Internet Movie Database also cites a 1992 movie called Swoon, which I haven’t seen:

Hitchcock’s Rope is also supposed to be loosely based on Leopold and Loeb.

A few, although at the moment I can only think of the Hitchcock movie Rope.

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IMDB on Rope:

I put the names of Leopold and Loeb into the search page at IMDb and came up with two films, the 1992 Swoon (already mentioned) and the 1991 film Darrow.