Any others films like "Come and See"?

…meaning, are there any other really great films to come out of the Soviet Union? I think this was one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen, but in a good way, Some subtle jarring scenes have remained in my conscience for months. It’s eerie and seems pretty realistic considered its labeled as a propaganda film. Are there any other films from the USSR that are any good?

Is *Come and See *really classed as propaganda? I finally saw it last month and was also impressed (and disturbed) by it.

As for great Soviet films:

Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin is amazing and massively influential. It’s like watching Citizen Kane for the first time, it looks like a whole bunch of cinematic cliches thrown together until you realise that this is the source of those cliches.

I haven’t seen the 1960s War and Peace series but I think it’s highly regarded. And I’ve seen some amazing passages from I am Cuba, but haven’t watched the whole thing yet. Check out the opening credits.

Andrei Tarkovsky has some good ones.
Stalker, which inspired the Ukrainian video game series

Solaris (earlier, less famous one) - I’ve been holding off seeing these because the American Clooney version was so boring, but maybe I should.

Lots of other non-Soviet Iron Curtain films, though you didn’t specifically asked about it.

The Irony of Fate is one of the most beloved of all Soviet movies, and deservedly so.

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Sure. Don Kikhot is probably the best adaptation of Don Quixote next to Man of La Mancha – and it stuck close to the book.

Sergei Eisenstein was one of the world’s top directors. In addition to Battleship Potemkin – a hugely influential and truly great film – Alexander Nevsky is also a great one (the battle scene in Mulan cribs directly from it).