How many films have their been on communism and communist leaders?

How many films have there been that promote or discredit communism? And how many about the leaders?

I can’t answer your question with any sort of authority, so I won’t try. But I’m curious why you’re asking. The two threads you just started both relate to communism in entertainment. Are you starting to research a paper or something like that? If you fill us in on the assignment we might be able to help more.

Check out general questions too. Although given Morden’s past history and having already been warned once by the mod’s in general questions I imagine he will be on a fourth alias soon.

Either this is a term paper, or an exercise in annoyance (its working). :wally


Once there was a film about a guy trying to get a message board to write his research paper on Communism.

I saw a film with robert Duvall in it, he played stalin, and this prompted this for me to see how many films have been made on communism.

Who is Morden?

Try a Russo-Finnish production entitled: “Jack Frost”.


(MST3K fans will know what I’m talking about…)

Song of Russia is an icky little piece of propoganda that might appeal to the OP, since it presents a glowing and fact-free example of life under Stalin in 1941.

Maybe Battleship Potemkin. It’s a silent black & white classic that has something to do with Russia. I forgot its actual content, though. (It’s been a while.)

Warren Beatty’s Reds deals with the subject.

You might also try Eisentein’s Battleship Potemkin. It’s a classic example of the height of Soviet documentary/propaganda.

He made a wise choice in ending the film when the ship sailed back into port in St. Petersburg, and not showing what happened next.

After all, who wants to see babies impaled on bayonets?

What, doesn’t Red Dawn count? :wink:

We don’t need the military, we got Charlie Sheen and Lea Thompson!