Any "OZ" fans out there?

Beecher’s pretty rad, I agree. When he and Keller shared a kiss during this season’s premiere, I flipped out. It was so damn hot! And guys think that they’re the only ones that like seeing two girls kiss…little do they know some women like seeing two guys kiss. I don’t know…is it me? Do you all find it incredibly sexy to see Keller and Beecher kiss? It’s almost too much for me…in a good way. :wink:

And to further illustrate my teenybopper tendencies around Dean, I was this close to lunging for the VCR record button when I saw his 30 second “It’s not TV, it’s HBO” spot. But I didn’t do it. My boyfriend might get suspicious. :slight_smile:

I used to really like the show, but lately I’ve started to like it alot less. The penis Parade episode really was not what I wanted to see, the ass in the shower shots were bad enough. It is also getting to be too comic-bookish lately. When it was a cool psychological drama I liked it but now its a pointless bloodbath. Introduce a new character, and kill him off. And am I the only one who would have put a video camera in the gym after the 545’th inmate was hung, bludgeoned and stabbed in there? And could they make Querns look anymore like the villian from a melodrama? If continue to make it a male porno show, then I pretty much done with the series.

WTF was that?! He is actually screwing that? Hell no!

despite that Robson is terrible person( torturing the Muslim boy), he got black man’s gums and got raped and had aids. Im surprised that dr. faraj didn’t lose his job for what he did to robson. maybe robson didn’t tell glynn about that? i mean robson could sue dr. faraj. how come robson didn’t get revenge on dentist? Why didn’t robson ask Vern or other ayran brothers to help robson to take revenge on dentist? I guess dr. faraj is one smart villain. In my opinion, Robson is not the real villain because he’s just plain stupid.

17 years is just a little too long I think.