lets talk about [i]OZ[/i]

in canada, we get it every friday night, at 11pm, and I have seen every episode at least twice…I LOVE that show!

I see in the bad tv thread that stoidela watches it…anyone else?

It is pretty obscure up here in canada…I dont know anyone else into it, and when I saw ‘Schillinger’ on law & order as the new shrink, I figured it was over for good…Now, I hear they have a new season starting on friday…I am all aflutter!

I take this to mean its not too popular…

Are you referring to the HBO show about the prison?

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

do you watch it?
its so …gritty! When they broke Beecher’s arms & legs, and when they raped the gangster, and the whole affair between McManus and Willsley(sp).
I think it is brilliantly written, and the acting is so realistic, I have to remind myself that it is just a show.

the frustrating part of watching the show is NOBODY I know (except my ex)watches the show, so I have noone to talk about it with.

i have watched it. I haven’t seen it since the first season though, because, overall, i don’t like HBO. I did really enjoy the series though. I really wish they’d put it out on dvd or something. I really liked the white supremicist and coked out lawyer or accountatnt or whatever he was…

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

kellibelli, your opinion on OZ is absolutely correct. My wife and I watch every week. My favorite character is O’Riley. I hope the show never ends.
Another great HBO show is The Soprano’s. It starts the new season in Jan. 2000. :frowning: I CANNOT WAIT.

“What it is, is what it is. And what it should be is a lie someone gave to the people a long time ago.” No one said it better then Lenny Bruce.

I get OZ on Showcase ( a canadian network, and they aree trying to get Sopranos…cant wait.
the same network shows subtitled spanish movies directed by Almadovar(sp).
The story line about O’Riley and the Doctor, her husband, his brother and the cancer was brilliant.

New shows start FRIDAY!! Cant wait, I have been watching the reruns forever!

next time they have a marathon i’ll have to have someone tape it for me. I remember before they started the 2nd season they showed all the first season, one a night. I really liked it.

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Love it, love it, love it…

I’d do O’Reilly in a heartbeat. Ooooo…yummy. And then his brother. Maybe both together?

Eamon Walker (Said) sort of annoys me, but he’s a great character. I can’t decide whether it is the actor overacting, or if he has decided to make Said such an unbelievable poser. Cool twist about Beecher becoming a Muslim and those two shacking up, eh?

And what do you all think is going to come down with the new psycho-bitch guard? She has to come to a bad end…

The one thing that annoys me, and I try to overlook it, is the suspension of disbelief it often requires. Guys in prison with razor blade? yeah, right. going from murder to gas chamber in a matter of weeks? yeah, right. And so on.

but it’s fabulous anyway…

beecher a muslim…psycho bitch guard…what what???
this must be the new season…damnit!
is this all stuff that happened after they broke beechers arms & legs, cause that was the end of the last season I saw…

o’riley…mmmmmmmmm :slight_smile: sexy bad boy.mmmmmmmmm