Any "OZ" fans out there?

For those of you who watch (and I do, faithfully, as unrealistic and outrageous as it often is, I love it) did you find this week’s episode to have an inordinately high PPE ratio? (Penises per Episode) I guess the envelope is being pushed…

A partial list:

A lingering (and utterly gratuitous, in my view) shot of Keller relieving his bladder. And yes, for those who didn’t see it, it was a full-body, completely nude shot from the side)

A lingering (and very tasty) shot of O’Reilly standing nude in his cell and looking out over the common area.

An almost shot of Keller taking a shower.

Then we had the references:

Schillinger’s buddy talking about “one last blowjob” and we get a closeup of him fondling himself through his pants.

Adibisi making some guy give hima blowjob.

Beecher going to give some other guy a blowjob.

And there was more, but I can’t recall them all now.

It’s getting a little penis-centric, doncha think? It doesn’t offend me at all…it just seems…well, maybe kinda silly. What is the artistic point of it all?

Maybe I’m jsut so unaccustomed to seeing male genitalia that I find it alarming, I dunno.

eh…I see what you’re saying. I never stopped to notice it, only thinking that prison = lots of horny men = penis-on-the-mind. Or something like that.

I love this show and have a full on, mad crush on Ryan O’Reilly. He’s so dreamy I feel like a teeny bopper sighing over the latest Tiger Beat. siiiiiiiiigh

Yep, that’s why I taped it. I’d be Keller’s bitch anyday. O’Reilly was already hot, but YOWZAH! That last shot of him standing in the nude was yummy.

I feel the same way, and I have no idea why. His bod ain’t that great, and his face is nice, but not amazing. Just something about him… I’d do him in a heartbeat.

You bet I’m an Oz fan. I’m still ticked that he left Sunnydale, Buffy and the Scooby Gang.


Here I was thinking I could return to a nice discussion about Dorothy and crew. And what do I get? A thread on convict penises. While it’s nice to see the level of class and refined taste has been maintained I come to this board so I don’t have to think about work.

There are new episodes???



uh oh, kellibelli…

not only are there new episodes, the season is like 2 episodes or so from the end. sympathetic smile Sorry.

But I think HBO will just rebroadcast them all over again once the season ends. So all is not lost.

And I don’t know what is it is about Dean Winters/ Ryan O’Reilly, either. He’s just…charismatic. I haven’t had this big a crush on a celebrity since I was a pre-teen. Sure, I might think so-and-so Famous Person is cute but a crush? Never…until now. It’s silly, I admit it, but still…

I agree with everything said about Ryan O’R - but I want to know how in hell this guy can get away with so much and never get caught by the guards or the other prisoners.

Anyway, Dean Winters is not nearly as appealing on Law & Order. I guess his lure on Oz is that bad boy thing he’s got going.

Aside from the fact that he’s a complete psycho, mmmm mmm mmm.

Dean Winters isn’t on Law & Order. Chris Meloni/Chris Keller is on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Also, the evil Aryan Vern Schillinger occasionally shows up as the psychiatrist on L&O.

I saw an add for some new show “from the producers of Law & Order” called something like “Arrest & Conviction” or something like that.

What’s next? “From the producers of Arrest & Conviction – ‘Sentence & Butt-rape’”

Actually, Dean Winters is also on Special Victims Unit. He’s another cop that occasionally partners with Munch. I don’t think he’s on every episode, though.

Anyway, I LOVE Oz. Love it. I can’t say enough good stuff about it. I’ve taped every episode this season just to make sure I can watch it obsessively.

We’re at least a series behind you lot but I never miss a episode .

It is one of the most electrifying things on the box. I love it , ever with all the dicks on show .

I’m currently growing my nails just in case I need to slice and dice some screw in the future :wink:

Me me me! I love Oz. I did notice that the penis count was high this week. It’s nice to see a little gratuitious male nudity. Sometimes I feel like I’ll scream if I have to see another pair of (female) breasts. BTW did you get a load of Howell’s udders? Ewww!

He was on but has left the show.
O’Reilly isn’t bad, but Keller’s my man. drooling

Ha Ha Ha!! Howell’s udders! That’s rich.

And you know, I was really surprised too, cause she’s a big girl…I expected…more. Huh.

I had no idea about Dean showing up on Law & Order. I can’t believe I missed him. pout

Estrella, he played a sensitive soul who had to leave the SVU because the violence was too much for him. What a difference from Ryan.

Besides R O’R, Keller, and Shillinger, that Russian guy – the one who killed 49 people and was about to make it 50 with Stanislavsky – was also on SVU; I think one more Oz person was on SVU as well, but I can’t remember who. The two shows’ casting offices must be next to each other or something.

A die hard fan here.
When I worked nites I used to make my husband tape them for me. Even though I worked at a resturant that had forty some odd televisions, for some reason they just wouldn’t let me watch it there. Something about it not being suitable for viewing while eating.
Go figure! I eat all the time while watching it, and it has never bothered me.

Yes. I thought it was just me, but the penis ban must have been lifted on HBO.

I’m not particularly pro or con, but there did seem to be an abundance of gratuitous penis shots on Oz this week.

Glad I wasn’t imagining things. 'Tis frightful to imagine an abundance of penises without provocation.


Happy to report that the new season of OZ will start this friday on ‘showcase’ (canadian HBO)

I am very much looking forward to it!

While I certainly did not object to that final shot of yum yum Ryan O’, My first reaction was “Why is everyone running around naked all the time? Is this prison or f**kin’ Club Med?”

My sister was a CO before she got injured on the job and they most definately did not let those guys do anything without clothing. And, from the stories I heard, it’s not really a good idea to walk around a prison exposed.

That said, let’s see a little more of Beecher! He’s come a long way, hasn’t he? From scaredy cat accountant to prison tough guy in just a few seasons.