Any OZ Watchers This Season?

I seem to recall reading a thread or two referring to OZ (the HBO original series) last season. (Comments on the number of pee-pee shots, that sort of thing)

Anyone still watching? If so, what do you think this season? I just don’t think it’s quite as good. It almost seems that they are trying a little too hard. (Like the episode where Ally Sheedy played the reporter-chick and Robin Colcort (his real name I do not know) played the reporter-guy. It just seemed a little too contrived.
OZ is still an awesome show, though. (I just realized that I forgot to watch it tonight, so don’t tell me what happened; I will have to catch it tomorrow night.
-Darn this Straight Dope! I got totally side-tracked!)

I’ve been watching it, but I have no idea what season it is, due to the fact that i’m in Canada and it’s being carried by Showcase. We may be a bit behind. The last thing I saw was Querns being fired and Adibisi being killed. How current is this?

I will say that I do enjoy this show though. It’s the only show I actually set aside time to watch, which is something I never do. I have very little faith in most TV shows.

ummm… Let’s see, Adibisi was killed in the last episode of last season, and I think we’re 4 shows into the latest season now.
Uh oh… I hope I didn’t spoil your future viewing.
(Don’t listen to my critique… I rarely know what I’m talking about.)

I still watch, but yeah, we are a season behind in Canada.

I cant wait to see what happens!!!

I have been watching (except for last week), so far seems pretty good. The first few shows it seems they were pushing a lot of different things at once (to expand later in the season, I’m sure), but still a high quality drama.

I missed the first few episodes this season. Some of the stuff I liked is back, but the newest big “plot point” (pills that age you) is so thoroughly ludicrous, I’m not sure I can bear to continue to watch. As soon as this idiotic idea reared it’s head, my suspension of disbelief immediately went AWOL. Give me a friggin break.