Any paralegals out there?

I am currently in a paralegal program and have a question that I have to respond to in a discussion forum.

What is the biggest issue facing the paralegal profession?

I have no way of personally answering this and really would like to hear some thoughts from people who are actually doing the work. Also, I know that I could give some pat BS answer from the book but I really hate to do that.

Thanks in advance if I get any replies :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the SDMB, 40paralegal.

Since you are asking for input that you will use to formulate your response in the discussion forum, you’ve basically run afoul of our “no homework” rule:

from the SDMB registration agreement that you agreed to when you signed up here:

Note that if you had asked the exact same question but weren’t using it as input to an off-board project that it would have been perfectly acceptable.

Also, please note that the General Questions forum is for questions with factual answers. If you want to poll for experiences and opinions (even just an informal poll such as “what do you think about X”), those types of questions belong in our In My Humble Opinion forum.

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