Any parents of twins out there? Advice please

I’ve got a set of twins due to land in January. Any parents of twins that can share some pearls of wisdom? thanks

Congrats! It’s a blessing and a curse. (well, okay, just a blessing…)

Enjoy your sleeping now…no, really, I thought it was cute when people told us this, but it is true. Long uninterrupted sleeps will occur again next spring…if you are lucky.

Enjoy each stage of their development, as it goes by too quickly (except when you are in the middle of it). We have 3-year old twins, and I can’t wait for this stage to be over, but I suspect I will remember it with rose coloured glasses.

Start buying the diapers/wipes/disposable goods now to offset the ongoing cost of these items in the next year.

Our kids shared a bassinet (of sorts) at the bedside for the first couple of months, then we moved them to a crib. They shared the crib for another four months until they started kicking in their sleep, then we moved them to separate cribs in the same room. We have another room that we could put one of them into, but they like having each other around.

My wife and I would each feed one of the kids at the same time so they would go to bed at the same time. We were doing this in different rooms and the kids would call out to one another by yelling “DA!”. The other would respond with “DA!” It would go on for a couple of minutes…I wish we caught this on video…

Make sure you have access to a reliable washer/dryer as there will be LOTS of laundry.

I am tring to think of stuff to tell you, but there is so much that it would be more helpful to know what you are looking for…

There’s not much to remember with newborns – really just that they won’t sleep at the same time which means you’ll always have one child awake, which means you won’t have a moment’s peace or a decent night’s sleep for months. In fact, it’s a good bet that one of them will wake the other up throughout the day and night.

My twins are 18 now. It hasn’t been twice the work, it’s been more like 4X.