Any particular reason why a lot of media figures don't submit photogs to Wikipedia?

Given that public image immediately translates into market value, i.e. money, for actors and (to a lesser degree) for other media figures such as authors, I wonder why they (or their publicists) often don’t seem to take the opportunity to submit a photograph to Wikipedia

Examples for no photograph

Example for publicly contributed ‘candid’-type photographs where the subject would have fared much better with a normal, professionally made publicity-type photograph:

In contrast: one actor whose publicist has been up to the task

So, is there any particular reason for people for whose personal promotion a lot of money is spent otherwise to not submit a good photograph to Wikipedia? Or is just an oversight?

If you are a rising star (eg Hilary Duff) or trying to increase your recognizability (Sirtis), then your photo goes everywhere.
If you are an established name or slowly heading out to pasture (Ackroyd & Shatner), then they probably don’t care.

Submitting your own photo for publicity purposes may be a violation of Wikipedia policy:

There may also be certain copyright restrictions, since it’s the photographer that holds copyright by default not the person whose image is on the photograph.

See also this essay on how PR people can interact with Wikipedia:

Note that Marina Sirtis’s photograph was copied by a Wikipedian from Memory Alpha and is only presumed to be fair use:

Uh-oh… When I created the entry (well, stub) for The Kevin and Trudie Show, I swiped the photo from their website.

They’re friends of mine, though, so I don’t think they’ll complain.